TANYA TATE™ – Top 10 Sexiest Superhero Halloween Costumes

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JustaLottaTanya.com – My blog of Superheroes and Cosplay http – Hit me up on Twitter! itsMYurls.com – All the other places I’m online! Just in time for Halloween, adult entertainment’s reigning cosplay queen, Tanya Tate™ shares her top 10 Sexiest Superhero Halloween Costumes. Tanya looks at some hot females costumes that will spice up any costume party or comic-con. Which superhero costume will be #1? Will it a be a Marvel or DC Character? Find out in this video. And for more sexy superhero fun, check out Tanya’s Comic Book review website, JustaLottaTanya.com


2xuq773pps says:

tanya, number 3 is wayy better than number 1…. But i like you in all of the outfits 😉

XXX you’re admirer

TanyaTateTube says:


FumblesRX78 says:



same i could tell by ur accsent nice to now i am not the only person in liverpool who likes superhero and is involved with video games liverpool is to full of skallys or hoodys

TanyaTateTube says:

Yes, I am. xx


hey are you from liverpool england

ParatroopersROCK says:

I think catwoman shoulda been number one, with She-Ra in second and and batgirl third (I know she’s not listed)

TanyaTateTube says:

Idiot poster is idiot.

MrOnomatopoiea says:

Fake woman is fake…

TanyaTateTube says:

It’s fun to hold them….but in that picture I’m actually holding the uniform. 

KalinaAnnR says:

Why are you holding your boobs…

MissNatty93 says:

Black Widow this year!

SergeantRAZOR says:

If it isn’t natural it isn’t right. Period.

SergeantRAZOR says:

Shitty tit job. You suck

Esialpha says:

Tanya you’re such a hot She-ra! What do you think of the new Catwoman?

TanyaTateTube says:

So you saw Joe’s video? xx

scvdnt says:

tanya poop tate

felipe mcrmy says:

for the 2012 Ieroween, put Sailor Moon on your list.

TanyaTateTube says:

Yeah! LOL xx

YouAtMad says:

your boobs have a nice accent xo

aXeboy99 says:

aww can you look more like in the kassem response video? i fell for that look 😉

TanyaTateTube says:

That would be cool if they made one! xx

FreeeeS says:

I want Huntress!!!

MrIh8ian says:

She-Ra should been on the top 3

HeroicIntentions says:

Love the fact that you you allowed Thor to make it to this video – makes this Dane proud to be Scandinavian ! lol 😛

TanyaTateTube says:

That’s not a fun game.

Mr5u1cid3 says:

new game every time she says sexy think of something unsexy

TanyaTateTube says:

Thank you for watching my videos! xx

Backfromthedeadguy says:

You and your costumes are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

orionx42 says:

Oh no Poison Ivy 🙁 Not going to lie… that Wounder Woman is really sexy. Love the accent by the way.

TanyaTateTube says:

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! LOL xx

brenden stinson says:

hot hot hot hot 

MECproduction2 says:

you’re a perfect white queen!

leeleighton says:

Skin tight lol nice

MisfitNY says:

Tanya, you are the hottest Cogsplay woman ever. My favorite costume that you wear is the Emma Frost one.

98triffid says:

Actually when I saw that I was assuming she was doing a homage to the ‘Queen of Swords’ series (circa 2000), which is pretty much a female Zorro.

As an um, artist who gets undressed a lot, I think she pales compared to some of the gals in the 1980’s, but none of them ever dressed up as anime cat-girls, so kudos.

Jiveland13 says:

Can you pass along the names of other English ladies you’ve worked with that I could check out? Thanks