DIY Mad Hatter Halloween Costume & Makeup!

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Welcome to my “Spookbook” DIY Halloween tutorials!!!! 😀 Which costume do you wanna see next? let me know and I also wanna know what YOU are being for Halloweeeenie!!! lol xoxo, Beth My PO Box! 🙂 Bethany Mota 11420 Santa Monica Blvd. #25443 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Here’s my links! So we can chat all day err day..hehe 🙂 Instagram: Bethanynoelm My Twitter!- My Facebook!- My VLOG (aka my life) Channel!- Music by: Madilyn Bailey 🙂 Disclaimer- The Mad Hatter is paying me to make this.. Just kidding! 🙂 I bought everything myself and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored videooo.


elletansx says:

Taylor Swift?

pazzLOL says:


Candy8almo says:

What The colour of your nails ? I Love yours makeups

bannanachick010 says:

I make beauty videos too
execpt I’am not popular and I would appericate having people checking out my channel and commenting, liking and subscribing to my channel. I know you hear beauty gurus saying it all the time but I really do appericate it.

Celcie San says:

I love your Dimples :))

pianobeastndpie12345 says:

I’m being a greek goddess, madw from a sheet! You should make a tutorial for it, I need a makeup look!!(:

SmilingHappyFaces21 says:

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Luluslife99 says:

me and my friend are doing your costume and we have the hot but we can’t get it to fold into a circle how did you manage to do that @macbarbie07

Thawesomonster says:

Why are you so cool?

CheeeseSniffer says:


SiSi Zhou says:

you are (sing song voice) AMAAAAZING.

I was having such a hard time figuring this out, but you just made it all doable.

P.S. you are super cute 😉

starlyflower123 says:

do hello kitty

superfudgebar says:

i love your channel! I love beauty stuff and my name is also bethany which just makes everything amazing!

Tutorialgirl99 says:

Cat tutorial !!!!!?

blrhc says:

can you do cleopatra
please cause i am going to be cleopatra and i saw some coustumes that were 150 DOLLARS

xXLaaPhreshXx says:

you are GORGEOUS

randomgirl36js says:

Is it weird that I would wear this outfit with out the coat tights or scarf

Niha Ashun says:


HikaruLaru says:

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smexybeastz12 says:

Your amazing can you do a angle toutorial please I really need one or a white fairy that would be amazing 🙂

iamadiehardtwihard says:


theworldofanabell says:

can you plzzz make a girl version indianna jones! i know its kinda wierd but i really want to be that this halloween!!! can you plzz do this

mermaidprincessuni says:

1:15-1:24 Whew!!! That made me dizzy!!!!

veeegehuhnchen says:

Katniss Everdeen (:

hannahlouiiise says:

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MsPrettylittleliarz says:

do katniss everdeen from the hunger games!!!!

theonlyanniept says:

uploaded on my b-day :O i’m totes doin this for halloween XD

Hcogirl2217 says:

My best friend Kennedy and I are going to be Eskimos we were going to be one direction but the other three bailed on us I really wanted to be Niall and she really wanted to be zayn but it would just be weird without the other three

anujahy1395 says:

can u do a snow white DIY!!! pleaseee!! SNOW WHITE! 🙂

sillystuffsc123 says:

im being a pink crayon

WinxClubfan18 says:

PLEASE someone tell me where you can find this song i know its lights by ellie Golding but i just cant fine this version!

taylorr08 says:

Can you please do a super hero DIY???? SuperHeros are supposed to be really in this year! Thanks!!! 🙂

MaxBunny100 says:


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bumblebeebunny4 says:

Really good idea!

mursthesmurf says:

Omg i love this one! I think i might be the mad hatter now :3 you are amazing xoxo

sandraline100 says:

She look likes Cher Lloyd

sweetderya97 says:

which song is this from madilyn bailey ????

ɐʎuɐ di says:

omg I love all of your videos!! this is such a great idea, and you look super pretty 🙂 can’t wait to see all the other spookbook tutorials