One of the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen!

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Close was in New York City outside the David Letterman Show to obtain in-person autographs when this guy walks by. Everyone stopped what they were doing to admire what is clearly the greatest Halloween costume ever. It’s only 1 guy so look closely! When completed, visit for some authentic in-person autographs from your favorite bands, celebrities, and sports stars. We not only get in-person autographs, we shoot video of them signing our items so you never have to wonder if the autograph is real.


suckmycod says:

I like pudding

01tech2teach says:

You should see the MR ARCADE Halloween costume on RU2Kool4Skool’s channel. It’s awesome.

01tech2teach says:

You should see the MR ARCADE Halloween costume on RU2Kool4Skool’s channel. It’s awesome.

ininin86 says:

Joyfay Costumes & Cosplay at at affordable prices ♥ Visit us 🙂

dietervl1 says:

That’s Sarah jessica Parker.

zanetaylor123 says:


thediablo3dude says:

@ahmadlovely2001 the person carrying it is a dummy accept the legs which are the guys legs that is in the portapotty. But the guy in the portapotty has dummy legs in the portapotty.

nooloo3000 says:


smuggecko says:

some really good stuff here

ericajjful says:

very interesting video thanks

simysimss says:

really informative and interesting

SuperDogbrown says:

interesting video and very informative

LeVaughnX says:

What fucking song is this?!

allouTV says:

interesting background music choice… my video of my costume is a real testament of commitment to detail and authenticity, i couldnt breathe at first!

ahmadlovely2001 says:

so that guy at the back was carrying the guy in the toilet the whole time, that must be hard to do!~

KillMrFist says:

hahaha!!! bravo!

srkntnyldz says:

what s this music like a scary movie…

albertchandler2 says:

This has to be at least one of the best out there.

davidls11 says:

I like the two guys in the horse costume at 0:28 .

TheHornet79 says:

Well off to comic-con! He’d be reading alot of comics and brochures where he is heading

LexMarz14 says:

JAJAJAJAJ Si Si es el mejor disfraz!!

TheGreatMeow says:

Genius !! Brilliant !!

burrowsangie says:

it would have been better if he used himself for top and had fake legs and easier.

Superunicornface says:

Wow i would love to go as that but uh no one can tell if i am pooping i am a girl


HOW THE FUCK can anyone click dislike on that costume ???
you morons probably think you’d look better in a darth vader g string

bills29 says:

dude in the suit is NOT amused

TheRoguesCorner says:

Oooooh i get it. So the penis…goes in the vagina. I see.

MrRelentless2011 says:


galleryman21 says:

very funny!!!!!

killamanjaro182 says:

@TheRadioSmasher you do get that that is a dummy torso on the guy carrying it and dummy legs on the guy in the potty right?

TheFumbels says:

2 people needed to go to the toilet

gtolivas2007 says:

I don’t get it??

rhythmnsmoke says:

That’s Hilarious.

aggradef says:

lmao, sick-ass costume
That’s really brilliant