Lady Gaga, Snooki Costume Ideas For 99 Cents

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Everyone knows buying a Halloween costume is not only time consuming, but can hit you hard in the wallet. We recently sent our own Andrew Ramos on a mission to make the most out of a buck at a local 99 cents store. With the help of trick-or-treaters Colleen and Steven, they managed to muster up six costume ideas – one as cheap as $2.


hottatgirl says:

Lol poor kids…

BeautyTips542 says:

they keep on saying no lol

4just4Emma says:

do you like lady gaga?
I’m gonna ignore what you just said

xD xD xD

Debbysammibarrios says:


workinit100 says:

waa xD

SteveStylezOfficial says:

Snookie for Halloween = Priceless hahaha love it!


lol love the lady gaga costume! but thats the dollar tree! this is so good!

GottaLoveMe962 says:

lol snookie wahh

AllThis3picness says:

i wanna do the gaga look

STAYplatinumx says:

I’m cracking up at the snookie costume

MZCZ129 says:


starblind1231 says:

Hahaha! It was hilarious when she went ‘wahhh!’ I’m being snooki for halloween, but I’m gonna get a black wig and wear something more ‘snooki-ish’ if you will.

NekokoShiawase says:

lmao snookie “wahh”

BLUEmonkey621 says:

What a gay Snooki!

evanisbored says:

Lmao snookie LOL

koreytd says:


KCappelli03 says:

Your too much Ramos…if Dr. Ludwig could only see you now!

bb3o6 says:

Lady Gagas costume was wicked cool for shopping at the 99 cent store makes me want to be Lady Gaga for halloween haah! ;p