Halloween Costumes! Top Sexy Women’s Costumes, Vampire, Pirate, Fairy Tale, High Heels, Boots!

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Halloween costumes ideas and tips! Spankie shows you some hot costumes for women to wear for Halloween parties from Urban Original at urbanog.com Trick or treat! youtu.be Subscribe and win! Links to costumes shown below: Military: www.urbanog.com Brown Lace Up Boots: www.urbanog.com Devil: www.urbanog.com Angel: www.urbanog.com Vampire: www.urbanog.com Red Laced Pump: www.urbanog.com Snow White: www.urbanog.com Red Pumps: www.urbanog.com Pirate: www.urbanog.com Black Thigh High Boots: www.urbanog.com Miss Muffet: www.urbanog.com Miss Muffet: www.urbanog.com ——————————- Music by: “Thriller” Michael Jackson “The Fashion” Spankie Valentine www.spankievalentine.com


Tiffany9988667 says:

I’m gonna be sexy wolf

aslongasyouloveme111 says:

I’m either going to be snow white or jane from twilight the one from the volturi.

kimberly horne says:

i am gonna be a sexy vampire

Kaltrina Pacuku says:

cool mom 🙁

wqqshop7 says:

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4244andrea says:

I like the snow white one but this year I’ll be minne mouse

Faith Whitaker says:

I am going as men in black

emily turley says:

omg i love the angel costume but i wanna be wonder woman

Cici8404 says:

You do not know how to act bt love the customes bt realy if wanna be fnny dont look cornyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Savvysex Tips says:

These are so cool. You can find heaps of inexpensive, super sexy, halloween costumes as savvy-sex-tips(dot.com)

So much variety it’s exciting!

FyrFytr998 says:

I love the vampira

ohspencerxd says:

You stole america’s jacket! Hetalia!

arena4351 says:

Supa cute!!

iutyuuguigfhiokjvyui says:

Sexy vampire

Courtney Aubuchont says:

i am going to be a devil, i want to be sexy but not to predocitive.love all youre cute costumes

Tara Fielding says:

i am gonna tots b a corpse bride!

faith barton says:

little miss muffit of course..:)

ginny wesley says:

i am going to be mavis from hotel trsalvaia and i love the vampire costume on urban org

hamandbaloni says:

I have the Snow White costume!!

11kittyk says:

I like te piarate, miss muffin, the military and the snow white dress! She has always been ma fave disney princess~

marythehotty says:

miss muffet <333 was da best loved eht plus she rocked on all of the other's costumes !

jade copper says:

I like the angel,devil,little miss muppfin

chris newman says:

military whoo!

Megan Young says:

ehe little miss muffin outfit

biglarry921 says:


sespigirl says:

Her acting! It kills me!

Sunshine Peckinpaugh says:

I LOVED the angel costume and also liked the little miss muppet because it has pink in. My costume this year for HALLOWEEN is SEXY NAUGHTY TINKER BELL! I will send everyone a video when HALLOWEEN comes thank u love SUNSHINE PECKINPAUGH AND LOVE U LADY’S AT URBAN OG HAPPY HALLOWEEN…… 🙂 :-)*

cherryice1 says:

i might be a fairy for Halloween nd i really liked the woodland fairy costume but i also liked the tribal goddes costume.

ininin86 says:

I looooove Halloween! Interesting costumes & cosplays at JOYFAY.COM ♥

MyPip12 says:

So do all the Urbanog costumes have Fishnets?

chicababyphat says:

pretty costumes

MuffinInParis says:

me right when the video started: MICHAEL JACKSON!

CuteDraculaura says:

creppy doll

khello191 says:

I see u wiggling in those pumps

scottybob64 says:


pixheart03 says:

You look like a werewolf so pretty love your eyes