Halloween costume idea : 2012 Red devil & Black Swan (Easy & Cheap)

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Please, bear with my camera’s quality. This is my halloween costume idea video. I decided to transform into two amazing characters: Red devil & Black Swan. Enjoy the video & let me know which one you liked the best in the comment section below. Iloveyou guys.

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Shey wong says:

Thanks for lovely comment. 🙂

Paul Thomas says:

Very lovely! You made my Tuesday a whole lot sunnier! Thnx

spaada2001 says:

Black swan.

Shey wong says:

🙂 It’s so adorable. Would love to see you in black swan costume.

ImKeriah says:

Sexy! I want the black swan costume hahaha

Shey wong says:

i love you more of course ! 🙂

Yuden Gurung says:

<3 I LOVE YOU & your videos of course. xoxo