Cool Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

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Here’s a clip from the Today Show (10.24.07) where they showed off some cool Halloween couples costumes.


AhoyApril says:

I like the Jessica Rabbit costume c:

costumecauldron says:

Awesome Couples Costume ideas! I’m a fan of the food costumes. So fun and unique!

topcostumes says:

Checkout my channel for latest women Halloween costumes for 2011.

25tucorazon says:

innoccent america haha..playboy

iamunfairlycute says:


20SpiderPig10 says:

“joe dimaggio” looks like joseph gordon-levitt

melanibrox says:

Try Asian brides in your area

mohabiraq1 says:

Halloween customs suppose to be scary not stupid

marissaluvsulots says:

haha playboy costumes for “an innocent america”

giorga2004 says:

0:14 holy NOSE!!

sqmbaker80 says:

coool. pretty ..great job ..please see my videos for more couple halloween costume ideas and costume ideas for costume parties out there! enjoy watching!

R4wrC4ndyC0rnR4wr1 says:

I Need Ideas Im 14 Im Making My Own Costume I Want Nothing Too Sexy And Nothing Too Babyish Just Comment On My Channel TY

Kalirus1234567 says:

I like the hotdog song in the background. Hotdog hotdog!

sw33taznwife86 says:

Awww! I love the Popeye and Olive one! haha

lilmissgaga says:

Playboy lmfao.
I’d be scared as hell if my mom was as playboy o__O

SuperJElliott says:

I wanted to watch Robert plant! And Hugh Hefner was amazing idea! But where do you get a smoking jacket?

plunixx says:

those hotdog homos suck ass

ashleymishelle says:

OMG! how are you doing it?? i want me and my bf to do that! did you make it or bought it??

TechnoVampireScene says:

i luv the one who has the cketchup and the hot-dog

HolidayBot says:

playboy ftw lol

DawGy376 says:

lmao 2:20 camera man cracks up from what she said “dont take too long getting out of that outfit” rofl 🙂

dycamm says:

popeye lol

Enterthehaven says:


tvrp2296 says:

omg!! it is!!! ugh!!! lol

NoLintForYou says:


downwitopp1 says:

Evan, you’re a man of many talents: Aubie one day, Hot Dog the next. And Paul! Forget sales – Popeye impersonator is where its at.
love – Krisha and Laura Sizelf

Mixer4you says:

OMG, if you keep playing back 0:00 – 0:01 ITS SO annoying lol idk y im tellin you that but w/e

JasonLeeSki says:

Except when she pours water all over your bed when she comes to visit you. That, my friend, is NOT hot!

JasonLeeSki says:

LYNNE..errr…. Marilyn IS SMOKING HOT!!

joriefaith says:

marilyn monroe is hot