Unzip Your True Colors Halloween Costume Make-up Tutorial with Mr. Kate

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This tape was found in the abandoned home of Mr. Kate after her and her video crew’s mysterious disappearance. The following description was attached as well as a request to upload this to Mr. Kate’s YouTube channel… “Did you hear that!? It’s your true colors trying to break through! Glue on your face zipper and let them out! In this reality horror makeup tutorial my sister, Tess and I do each others make-up to reveal our true colors. All you need to DIY this look is: face paint, a zipper, some false eyelash glue and hair pins. You might also want lashes or rhinestones, etc. to add to your look! What do your true colors look like? Oh my god, did you see that!????? Ahhhhhhhhhh heeellllllppppppp!!!! See more Halloween Costume, Make-up and Decoration ideas on www.mrkate.com Shot and edited by horror movie master Brad Etter Song “Darkest Child” by Kevin MacLeod www.incomptech.com “


CheekyPeachy12 says:

I actually got so scared

JoAnna Pounds Paredes says:

Eww blair witch

BeautyWithBeccaX3 says:

Hey everyone I was in 17 magazine. & I made a beauty channel. Check it out xoxoxo

M80sgirl says:

girl. she’s the blondie =)

chepa775 says:

That girls is your sister?

fAxOx1 says:

I’m just wondering is mr Kate a boy or girl please tell me

LilNerdy1107 says:

Blink and you’re dead!

GlitzyColors says:


amandaius says:


nicolerae016 says:

paranormal activity vibe, i love it!

mvcurlyqs says:

i love the extra effort you put in your videos! its not just a tutorial, its entertaining 🙂 thank you

CuteAnimalMuffin1 says:

its nice but it’s not scary 🙁

kutietae says:

silly lol i loved it,thanks

TheFelicityCullen says:

Just found out Mr. Kate’s dad is CEO and chairman of HBO!

makeupandhairanna says:


Katt Ysip says:

La la la loveeee your vids! i lookup to you 🙂 Hey everyone, please subscribe to my videos 🙂 first timer on youtube, want to get my channel out there! Like and subscribe 🙂 thanks so much!

CoralCottonCandy says:

you2 look sooo similar 🙂

2lovebeings says:

Love it thank you!

bostonmayo says:

You guys are awesome! Bet you had so much fun making this video! Awesome! 🙂

someoneexploded says:

I watched this immediately after I played slender. Not cool.

NatashaTashh says:

me too lol

Olivia Pieri says:

when they focused on the the statue i was so scared

OmgRawrify says:

terrifiyingly hilarious

yuancarlos22 says:


lunacrisdrad says:

People need to calm their nips. Mr Kate was always slightly cheesy thats why she fun to watch. Remember ” OH THAT BE SOME BOW SHIT!!”

4everdemented says:

Mr.Kates sister did an awesome job on Kates face!

369mander says:

A string was attached and some1 pulled it lolz

MsStasii says:

your lavender nail look super cute!

Sarah Lopez says:

I was actually scared.

ShaneDawsonfan47204 says:

Well I was gonna be a devil for Halloween so I’m gonna mix that with this and make the part that is unzipped all bright red with black stitches!

madymadmad says:

Okay. This might be really stupid of me but I was actually, really scared.

emeyybeauty0912 says:


Chelsea Beckworth says:

Haha very cute!

jordan sukhoo says:

-__- cool

jennygen9 says:

Lovr the idea ganna try it

BeautifyinTayThorp says:

I have that same shirt Mr. Kate is wearing:) love this idea!

dariam0rgendorffer says:

If there’s anything I hate more than lame tutorials, it’s cheesy “horror”. I couldn’t finish watching this..

ObedienceOrSacrifice says:

Great vid!

Genesis Abalos says:


MrCrunchDaughter says:

Well .. atleast they were nice enough to edit and post the video 😀