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Hey guys, so we’re back with another halloween costume video. The full tutorials will be up soon. Make sure to subscribe to see them right away.

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just discovered your videos and I’m glad I did 🙂 !

CodieBear1 says:

Can’t wait for your videos this October!

ceceisawesome5 says:

Did u make the white swan costume yet???

DanielRadcliffelovee says:

Dude I just thought of doing this and I haven’t even the movie!
I know it’s July but it’s better planning ahead I’m sitting here watching trailers when I get the idea BINGO! Most awesome Idea I ever had!

roxs11111 says:

I saw the video of both black swan and white swan I already am working on the tutu of the black swan I love you guys keep postin up videos

dsjkak1 says:


TheSorryGirls says:

no one gets the name lol! but thanks 😛

Lyn683 says:

I love your videos and the name for your youtube!

TheSorryGirls says:

Hey! Its a really simple costume, and hopefully we can inspire you a bit with the way we made ours :)The full how to videos should be up by Wednesday night! Subscribe so you don’t miss them!

JassieLovesU says:

Thank you for uploading , im going to be a black swan too … im like freaking out cause i dont have the costume yet

CocoaBeanLoves says:

You guys are so awesome, glad you’re back with another video! (: