Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

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I decided against doing more Halloween tutorials (at least this year) because I wasn’t that satisfied with the final product. So instead I thought I would help you guys in this way. I hope you found this helpful! Tutorials mentioned: Snooki Bumble Bee —————– VLOGS? WHAT? ♥ SOCIALMEDIA ♥ Friends? ♥ Shop my favorite makeup brand,mark! Get free shipping at mark. with any $20 purchase. Use code: MARKFS20 ★ If you are a company interested in having me review your product then send me an email at For personal emails: send me a YouTube message! —————–


timkingp says:

Very cool ideas thank you, you are a sweetheart

RiseAgainstForever10 says:

very high voicee
Caught me off guard 😛

051184 says:

And you’re welcome to your opinion. I think it looks checkered, if you’re as close as you are now to people.

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

It doesn’t look checkered in my opinion.

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

Great idea!

MissTaylorHarris says:

This year, I’m being Rebecca Black (: Just buy a cheap wig with bangs, then wear a purple shirt and a backpack! Easy!

051184 says:

Wouldn’t the fishnets give you a checkered pattern on your face, not scales?

carlyrok101 says:

my costume barley came in the mail hey if you wanna get a cheap cute costume go to costumeexpress and click on clearnce

X3Fluteluver says:

Cool woulld you please do a thing on dolls cuz i think i wanna be a doll for halloween

X3Fluteluver says:

Cool woulld you please do a thing on dolls cuz i think i wanna be a doll for halloween

Shelbi Sherod says:

… are you being sarcastic?? loll.

StikkiPixxi says:

honestly, i cant tell you how much i appreciate that because thats a really original idea and i love it! u just made my mind up for my halloween costume! thanks soooo much Shelbi !!!!!!!!

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

Cool idea! Out of curiosity, did you get my package yet? I hope it isn’t lost, I’ve never shipped anything internationally before so I don’t know how long it usually takes.

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

Wow cute idea! =)

xfiori says:

a doll/rag doll is really easy and inexpensive! just make two ponytails, one on each side, and make them high. and do overdone blush, long eyelashes, and a cute cotton dress/tunic that looks like it’s for a doll, and bright full lenght leggings with just colourful shoes or converse. I think i’ll make a video about it.

Shelbi Sherod says:

Loll, I’m Just Wearing A White V-neck Jeans And Putting Blood On It And Wearing Freaky Contacts. Loll.

GSFL1 says:

Great ideas, last year i was a shop-a-holic i just dressed up in really cute clothes and i got some shopping bags and carried them around it was cute and i used the shopping bags to hold all my candy!

kwl7j5dw says:

YES!!! im going to be a bumble bee…i was planning to get it from wet seal($15)

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

Thank you! =)

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson says:

That is such a unique costume! Great idea!

saranoelle2712 says:

The swap idea is fantastic! I just moved out of state so I know no one and that doesn’t apply to me.

Once I bought a Laundry Basket ( a square one) and cut a hole in the middle and added padding around the middle so it didn’t hurt my waste. Hung Clothes out the sides and added a bottle of empty detergent and went as a laundry basket 🙂 Stupid I know, but It was basically nothing and I won 50 dollars for most creative costume!