DIY: Starbucks Employee Halloween Costume

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This is a super easy and cheap halloween costume! * Shoe Channel: * Vlog Channel: * Facebook: * Twitter: Instagram: shelbychurch ***If you have copyright free music I can use in my videos please message me on YouTube!


mastectomy1 says:

LOL Love the idea!!

GaGa4Kate says:

we know you love starbucks youve said it 3940838430943 times/

lolo lovato says:

she looks like niall horan 🙂

peaceloveandglee says:

Lol I feel like such an idiot 😛 I just realised that I said Monica instead of Shelby, my bad!!! Aaahhh haha either way, the idea is amazing

peaceloveandglee says:

Lol I feel

TheMeganmaria13 says:

you look even prettier without braces!!

Makeupbypaigexo says:

please check out my beauty channel, I WOULD LOVE TO BE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE!((:

lydiadegrassi says:

Free costume! xD 

abbybeautifulxoxo says:

an angel?

abbybeautifulxoxo says:

could you do a peter pan tutorial?

PeaceGirls3 says:

we have 7/11 in america. wait do you mean the gas station

pokadottedgoobla says:

This is Shelby’s channel!

abbybeautifulxoxo says:

could you do a diy red riding hood costume?

megrobbo1 says:

I realllllyyyy loooove your videos! its sso clear to see how much effort you put into them and i think people don’t give you enough credit!

smartmanya1 says:

teenmakeuptips uploaded, commented, commented, commented, commented, commented, commented, commented, commented, commented and commented

Breanna Sanchez says:

i bet eleanor calder would be this for halloween xD

peaceloveandglee says:

I love this idea Monica! And your teeth look AMAZING!

stephshortsweet says:

We have starbucks too, but not as popular 🙂

teenmakeuptips says:


ImQueenBieber says:

You look older with your braces off (:

katiebrookeee says:

gahh your teeth >>>

Haylynnowners says:

happy 200th video Shelby 😀 i hope there’s many more to come (:

taylorbyron says:

Its like our gloria jeans 😀

yepidontknow says:

If you’re from Melbourne theres one in the CBD.
If not, maybe the city closest to you might have one.
(google it) 😉

georgiaaasmusic says:

circles dont have corners.

Skye Peterson says:

i actually think this is a good idea, its super funny amd i love it!! i kinda wanna do it but like i already have a costume idea!!

eekamika says:

you are gorgeous

xowritethewrong says:

This is awkward being that im a starbucks employee lmfao