Zombie/Silent Zombie (Meth Head) Makeup Tutorial Halloween

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BOO! im a scary Zombie! :DA look that is easily achieved using basic makeup supplies. blog at : lilcammo93.blogspot.com Twitter: twitter.com Formspring: www.formspring.me Disclaimer:i am not associated with any of the company’s /products mentioned in this video. i am NOT getting paid to make this video. All products where bought using my OWN money or where gifts from family.


Katy Meakin says:

you have beautiful eyes!

Ella Shand says:

u sound Australian
i now love you just cause i am australian ^-^

Adrasdos Dark says:

“Ke$ha’s got nothing on me” LOL

AllAmericanNINJ4 says:

whats the green stuff your using to stick on the thread

shelky lynn says:

just the fact that she pulls this off so well………….

photographyyum says:

i only watched this video cause her voice its sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!

TemarayT says:

Can you even talk with that on?

mandyXDkayla says:

Lol kesahs got nothing on me XD sweet makeup too :3 gonna try this for Halloween!

bashiersoto says:

Thats actually a pretty cool idea, im actually going to trying this on some one now thanks

mylifeislikeeee says:

your sooo gorgeous <3 and your accent! 😀

Alyssa Hice says:

Btw love your enlighten accent and I love it when u said “Kesha’s got nothing on me”

KaylaIsMe13 says:

“look how dirty my skin looks, keshas got nothing on me!” LMFAO

Gwen Billingsley says:

Your so pretty, even as a crackhead.


whats the song?

stuchy1998 says:

You have green eyes! :O so jealous…

HannasNails says:

Im looking at this in August ?!?! Well i know what i am going to be 🙂

HannasNails says:

Finally i found the PERFECT school makeup 😛

et27able says:

shes cute cool makeup

zentrola says:

I love Halloween Xxxxxx its my favriout holiday x

recesspiecess says:

Your pretty!!! Without the makeupxD

yzmarie says:

Great video. She reminds from teen wolf ‘Lydia’ she kinda looks very alike. Maybe…

MalenaP15 says:

You’re adorable! 😀 I <3 you 😛

MissGeorgiaGumbrill says:

what was the white stuff you put on first????,xoxox

DevilOfKilling says:

I kniw wut im doing for Halloween  😀

graeson herring says:

wow tbats so cool can’t wait till halloween

Gea3101 says:

hahaha really? I actually think ks is really pretty, horrible personality in my opinion, but gorgeous girl. Cass is prettier tho.. and happier

Tiffardo says:

Thats insulting….

yNoT497 says:

Hey…this is off topic..but you’re gorgeous! Kool video btw really loved the Bruising around the wound openings

SOSsavepandasdahl says:


WEEZY2011JC says:

i love your mouth ^.^

iamsexyslugger says:

HAHa bnaboy mo lng mukha mo

Gea3101 says:

You remind me of Kristen Stewart

lady650v says:

i love your earrings!

sh3llyroxyourworld says:

hahaha Keshas got nothing on you lol

10jonnyboy says:

Am i the only Male watching thiis?!?!?!

BrainDead Fly says:

I tried it for Halloween… and I love it XD

XxsamanthaxX2000 says:

i love your videos and i also love zombies….so this is amazing!!!

haloguyhammer says:

And I agree with meowmeowrawrable

haloguyhammer says:

This is haloguyhammers sister I coment on PeaceByPeaceFashion and um… I have a question….. Do you need the thread or what ever?