Zombies! Halloween Make up, Guts, Effects : BFX

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In this episode of BFX, Erik takes Zombie effects to the next level. If an exposed skull and yummy non-toxic guts are what you dream about, then you’re a sick person. However you should still watch this episode in all it’s “gory”. Also seek mental treatment.


TheMandarklaughs says:

i like the part when they lock the doors with the imaginary locks

krysten123456789a says:


thecultguy says:

i miss the old indymogul


we miss you Eric!!! Come back!!

alreadytaken0704 says:

Omg!! So kewl!!!! I’m gonna try it!!!!

eugenie564 says:

Im not going on that website i bet it sells stuff in $ not £

rouge bloodiness says:

im zombie

nevuskatusjenus says:

yeah but if you wanna make it realistic just suck it up its not that bad:D

nevuskatusjenus says:

that would of been the camera- sometimes the camera flips

nevuskatusjenus says:

i miss erik beck:(

josh younger says:

nice work

TheDreamon26 says:

Funny must watch now: youtube.com/watch?v=32cWPEm7isQ&feature=plcp

Johnson231David says:


qwak734 says:

zombies haha

Leachim Nia says:

Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

chynna smith says:

Look at his face on 3:20 ha ha hanha ha ha ha ha lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

chynna smith says:

Look at his face on 3:03 funny

Killer66640 says:


TRiCEPboy says:

ZombieMakeup. net

Check out ^^^^^^^

TRiCEPboy says:

ZombieMakeup. net

luisoncaffeine says:

who here has heard of the zombie apocalypse theme park in detroit coming soon

tanndox says:

you know i have seen every episode of BFX and have been watching them since the beginning but i have never noticed the tattoo on Erics arm 😀

михаил владимиров says:

мужик в начале прикольно объеснял

ReichLeben says:

Thumbs up, this is insane!!! 🙂

hü li says:

çocuk sempatik lan 😀

dreamdestinations says:

whats with the constipated look on video presenter???

blastforyou says:

There are actually teenagers with acne conditions similar to this “Zombie” make up shown in this video. Imagine the trauma to acne sufferer on halloween when you comment: ” I really think that is the best zombie makeup job i have ever seen”

blastforyou says:

Question: What type of bread do zombies prefer? Answer: Whole Brain !!!! Ha Ha

gtownlife19 says:

0:48 epic fail at making the voice

Mcback fish says:

help zombie

projectsupreme says:

thanks for the help! you guys inspired our short zombie film!

Thehoneybadger69 says:


I have just posted an awesome Wink!

Thehoneybadger69 says:


I have just posted an awesome Wink!

SpazClipz says:

Wait wait wait. I need help! For the intestines he said to make ballistics gel. And the said add your HOT jello mix. Does that mean i make ballistics gel then heat it up and then pour it over my intestines?

TheRowdyruffboy123 says:

this is the first bfx vid i saw

IamTheEvilDeadGirl says:

tps reports lol great one guys! much xoxo

Mp3charlie says:

II hate to break it to you, but BFX is finished 🙁