Zombie Makeup

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CLICK ME!! Join us at the film festival! vimeo.com Hi everyone! First and foremost I want to wholeheartedly thank MonsterBuster Entertainment for working with me on this project! Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who was involved: Torey Haas: Director and Color Correction Nick Lauinger: Director of Photography and Editor Ricky Hess: Assistant Director, Assistant Camera and Special FX Artist Brandon Jolley: Second Unit Director and Assistant Camera Hsiang-Ming Wen: Sound Recorder Fred Grant: Sound Recorder Morgan Drake: Sound Recorder Ashneel Ali: 2nd Assistant Director Jay Holloway: Grip and Gaffer Quyen Tran: Sound Editor Thanks to the amazing talent! Greg Garrison (actor) Ariel Gruczkowski (model and actress) LIKE them on facebook! www.facebook.com Come out to the MonsterBuster Film Festival!! vimeo.com Time: Monday, November 14 · 7:30pm — 9:30pm Location: Atlanta Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema — I also wanted to thank Jason Aw from PinkyParadise for the contact lens that Ariel was wearing! DollyEye Gray pinkyparadise.com — Zombie makeup , outfit / dress , hair , etc. For additional information and a full list of products go HERE: www.iamxteeener.com ‪Blog: ‪www.iamxteeener.com‬ ‬ Twitter ‪twitter.com Facebook Page: ‪www.facebook.com


andrgeor says:

forgot the teeth and blood ?

marisanabriah says:

I scared the crap out of myself 🙂

Christopher gahbow says:

Shits dope!!

arielyolee says:

u look like dat model who is dating novelist
“Aaran P.JuWinn-Vang”

Malorie Stanfield says:

what kind of lash glue did you use that was gray- black? I only have white or clear But i like the look of the black color better.

eyeheartmakeup100 says:

Ya her teeth are too white, they distract from the rest of the makeup. Other than that cool ideas.

Brittany Wesley says:

One thing you forgot zombies teeth arnt super white!

firebaby359 says:

Best realistic zombie makeup I’ve seen and doesn’t require anything special. Thank you!!!!

AbsolutelyCharged says:

I won’t run when she’s chasing me. Not even as a zombie.

TheKianajewell says:

I know right?! Or Why didn’t he turn around and beat the living daylights out of her? Or knock her over and run in the other direction? She was walking pretty slowly. Lol these are the thoughts that cross my mind when I watch zombie movies :/

scottswoman81 says:

what is that noise in the background, sounds like something crackling.

xYuux86x says:

I love this! XD

anne lord baugbog says:

i like the model and the artist

dawnriddler says:

i’ve tried this..it turned out great! 😀

nikkoheartzglee says:

wats that weird sound!!!

LadySakuraii says:

cierto, no actuó como un zombie real

Camille Vedder says:

Hermosa modelo, una mierda de actriz xd

TRiCEPboy says:

ZombieMakeup. net

Checkout ^^^^^^^^^^

bbdraw says:

why didnt he just jump over the fence to save time

wafflegirl1414 says:

Hey my name is ariell

americaisbacktrump says:

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erickguevara34 says:

She’s pretty cute for a zombie (:

leahtheemogirl says:

thanks for this video i have alot of the makeup u were using and im going to a zombie crawl n im just trying to find ideas i could do ! this helped alot ! thanks!

Ondrus21 says:

The cutest zombie I’ve ever seen.

Superlazerninja12 says:

was that jason dolly

skittlequeen1999 says:

Zombies are actually fast as fuck

Elikaka123 says:

Great makeup skills.

CourtneystoneFamous says:

that guy being attacked was cute! .lol. great makeup!

MissAfraX says:

Lol the beginning is funny! 🙂

AdeleDuan says:

That girl acually looks prettier in zombie

syorkie19 says:

CREEPY 😀 hehe thats soooo cool

syorkie19 says:

y would u ask that thats so inappropriate and mean

CHSFilmSociety says:


sabel2000 says:

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Arda Alişan says:

you are lesbian?

Chelbycarashow says:


lisadkrackow says:

it was really cool

YourGoldfish302 says:

this came out on my b-day 

chelseaemilee16 says:

I love this!