Sexy Cat Halloween Makeup

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Pictures and list of all products including my nailpolish can be found on my website: Enter my contest! Join me on Twitter! There’s a GIVEAWAY for a makeup palette currently on my Facebook page! Enter here: Facebook application: ‪ Check out travel vlogs and more on my other channel: OK some people are saying I copied another Youtuber with this video. For the record, I have never heard of this user or her channel nor have I watched the video which I supposedly “copied”. I was inspired for this look by a picture I saw on Google from which I derived my look. It’s really annoying how at Halloween time gurus constantly have to defend themselves against “omg you copied so and so”. I can imagine that we both used the same inspiration pic as it was a beautiful image. Makeup artists take their ideas from many different sources and adapt it to their own liking. I rarely get inspiration for my looks from other Youtubers and if I do, I say so. People who insist on spreading their hate tirades will be blocked, end of story. Thanks for reading.


lyssamaeheart says:

Definitely best tutorial I’ve seen so far. But I’m not an artist so I would never be able to do this..

sienaks says:

Can u use halloween makeup xx

Diana Bautista says:

I love it she is pretty 🙂

hostilejoey83 says:

i did 2 different looks for halloween.. i love this video.

cory isbister says:

your posted this video on my birthday

Shelby Bosko says:

wjats on er eyebrow

Clarice Taibi says:

Oh man, I love this look. I need to do this for Halloween. Super cute.

rachkk789 says:

can you do a video on the lips and how you shaded them pleaseeeee 😀

lauren haug says:

you remind me of the also very beautiful and talented Adel in this video. 🙂

Kitty Kat Rawr says:

I’m gonna be a Kat for Halloween this year (haha cuz my name’s Kat ^.^) and this video gave me some good ideas. Thanks

Hellokittyhauler says:

that’s so cute I’m going to be a kat next month and this look is perfect thanks

paelmi007 says:

any Swiss alternative for the illamasca gold pen???? 

hiccup1231 says:

7:22 LOL

Cherrypoq says:

Does the black on your nose and face come off easy?

MsDoubleChoc says:

liked the cat idea but the brows need work. still really nice 🙂

TheLemonLily says:

it isn’t sexy

NimrodOnElmStreet says:


Heather Dillon says:

lol 1:29.. I kept laughing.

michancita says:

dont like the dots above the eyess :d

babyca1000 says:

your is perfect .. love you

gwizard6913 says:


marleahboyd says:


missKaileemckenzie says:

ya i hate clowns there so scary mallery00

mallerly00 says:

its kinda hard concentrating on the video when a creepy clown is staring at me O.o

Pinkspiderable says:

Neko >^..^< nya

BoyToyNr1 says:

I think it is really great BUT your eyebrows look awfull!!!!!!

paddeification says:

absolutely not;)

sousa323 says:

So did you wear it?

CheyenneOffical says:

Ugh music? where do you get it from?

TheFannahannah says:

@ noname hehe im doing it for purim;)

TheNoname1987 says:

purim? ; )

Clio Clioula says:

I did it for tonight’s costume party and it was a huge success!!!!! Thank u so much!!!

TRockin3 says:

heyy….u look like Adele….!!!

Aminosaify says:

lol 😀

LyricsOfficial100 says:

gonna do this or vampire!

Vicky Lianou says:

i make this yersterday 😀 it’s awesome! all my friends said that it is perfect 😀

ronaldaris says:

muy lindo maquillaje gracias.

Candinazzz says:

By FAR the best cat tutorial on youtube, going to do this for carneval, wheeeeeee!

icesunset84 says:

Wow you are such an amazing artist and you have such a steady hand! Keep up the good work 🙂

DarKaileena says:

Most beautiful eyes! 

DivaVictory says:


xloetiesnoetie says:

WOWWOWWOW I LOVE THIS! I’m going to do this on my birthday or something, I really love this! 😀 <33

ruballs89 says:

Best cat makeup ever! Thanx so much 🙂

MakeUpGirl0524 says:

OMG 🙂 This is very-very beautiful!!

xsunday16 says:

do you think the black on the lips will last when you kiss someone? ;D …i maybe should let it out.

akmb1987 says:

this is an AWESOME makeup! Ok, I’m a crazy cat lady and love anything kitten related, but urs is one of the best I’ve ever seen x333

KalidescopeSkittles says:

i fi get 10 likes, i will have 12 likes right there —–>