Halloween make up ideas tutorial Dead doll

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Hia Everyone, Hope you enjoy my hideous Halloween make up look. I didn’t want to copy the ones that had already been done so here you go. My weird and wacky dead doll look. My new website & make up app coming 🙂 plus a chance to win an ipod touch www.laurenluke.com Eyelash outlets online http www.eyebeauty.co.uk www.falseeyelashesstore.com Thanks so much for watching, subscribing and being absolutely lovely to me. Zoom zoom! Lauren.


dajagirl55 says:

this is really random… but whatsur accent? i love it <3 <3 <3

Katie Feeney says:

i loved this it made me look amazing!!!!!!!!!

fucthisweather says:

thanks for the advice!! lot’s of great info, looking forward to creating the look for dead doll. Love the accent too!

butterfingle7 says:

I think you can get them from Dunelm mill<3

sarahsakurapink says:


DigitalGhost94 says:

AWESOME can u do a brody dalle or courtney love look for all us punky girls out here it would be awesome to see ur take on their outragous but uber cool looks and compare the result with the pictures sent in by us youtube-ers 🙂

LifeonSkin says:

I’m deff biting this *yes, bad pun :P* guna go brilliant with the mad hatter costume!

XoxjoyfullovebugxoX says:

your lips have a really nice shape!

Olvia Veliz says:

Your so sweet. ….

thealbinolion says:

The end result looks like a slightly more girly Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) 😛 I really like it 🙂

LoveUK1975 says:

Wow, those lashes are amazing! Not many people could pull that off… You did it fabulously, even if it was for a Halloween costume!

B34UT1FUL1 says:

AWW that looks so awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

sybercat1 says:

Love it!!

Yumifiedxx says:

Love the lashes :)

xxTwihardsdiehardxx says:

that’s like the BVB lip stitch. 🙂

adsilia says:

I love these videos, because she talks to you. She’s the person I would love to meet. she’s amazing. You could start a conversation about anything it seems!

jdhans925 says:

i wannt prince poppycock make-up!!!

ReenyLu says:

Hi Lauren, you do such an amazing job! I’ve been a fan for years now! I hope you’re doing well with the PCOS (right?). I was wondering if and when your pink brushes were ever out? I’ve been out of hte makeup/youtube loop for awhile. Keep on rocking!

efsha2009 says:

your cool an Natural

frankisaksen says:

put gift before youtube:D

therisaissoadjective says:

I love how you do that wiggly thing with your mouth, that mousy thing! 14:14

therisaissoadjective says:

61 people can’t put on make up successfully.

evilbutterfly777 says:

what can of eyelasg gule do you used piz tell me

hayleighhhhf says:

Can you do a masquerade type of look? Long flashy lashes please? That’d be great. It’s for a party(:

abacktalent9 says:

anyone tried Rimmel’s most recent product line?! theyre good quality , i keep buy more! u can get no charge cosmetic samples from ‘Gratis Makeup Samples’. i got the samples on 03/12/2010.

starstruck18929 says:

wow love the look i should try that on hallaween

mac0girl says:

I was wondering what eyeshadows you used. Theyre very pretty! I looove this look if you could do more gothic and rocker girl looks that would be great!!!

nirvanabitches says:

u are my favourite make up artist everrr

YoshiesMomma says:

@panacea81 threading is great! You can even do it @ home! LOL Totally been tryin to grow my brows so I can get that done………I don’t have nice, thick brows like that…..sigh…..lol

KayyBrickks says:

I Watch Your Tutorials All the Tieme , & I Feel like ive gotton pretty godd at doing my make up . the only thingg is im having trouble shading the crease . Got any tips or tricks too help me out ?.

CRAZYPAL69 says:

Hi Dear- What did you do to lose weight?
You look great!

fleach01 says:

where are you from?

Sarabibliomania1 says:

You were the first makeup guru I found on youtube and used to spend hour after hour just watching your tutorials. I’ve toned down a bit but I still love your looks and they are very addicting to watch 🙂
p.s You’re very pretty
p.s.s I love your AMy Lee looks

madcow15792 says:

Lauren you are truly beautiful inside and out and really inspire me to go for my dreams! I don’t want to do make-up but you still inspire me to go for it! Thank you for all of your amazing videos and never stop what you are doing! 😀

licklemissmonkey says:

wooooaaaahhh biggg lashes 🙂 ! 

johnalynn1918 says:

damn those r long false lashes

kbeliver7680 says:

beautiful! unfortunately I didn’t find this until November but I’m definately going to try this look out next year…Keep up the GREAT work. Your make up and face always look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world

VampWolf23 says:


Does Mack pay you since you seem to use there products???

BTW. Love the look!!! 😀

ChelsieHx says:

whats that supose to mean? i only asked what makeup 2 get 4 halloween?

TheBaker10 says:

she came out with her own makeup line you should check them out! :]

Darkshinebaby91 says:

Actually she is making a living with her talent She makes her own brand of make up and tools, and she also has a book.

bluestarliveson says:

wow…..thats beautiful

lolypop555265 says:

That looks like my skin tone xD

deliciouslyxrandom says:

@ahmed4hunt Deary her intention is not one of the aforementioned. Her goal with this video was to give people ideas for their -personal- makeup looks for Halloween. Also anyone who’s trolling makeup tutorials is less than unworthy of her time. Continue on living a haphazard, undesirable existence you cretin.