Great Halloween Costumes! 7 Halloween Costume Ideas!

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Halloween costumes! 7 fun Halloween costume ideas, cupcake, red riding hood, skeleton and more! Super fun video! Costumes for women and teenagers. Music: The Mowgli’s “I’ve Been Around” Download: Thanks to Irvine Park Railroad for allowing us to shoot in their pumpkin patch!


annahrim123 says:

I love the skeleton dress, and that baby is sso cute

Lone Mosekjær says:

No whait! Little red riding hood is sooooooo cute! Love it! 😀

Mariam Olor says:

Your so great!

Lone Mosekjær says:

I looove the indian costume! Its soo cute! 😉

MultiPoep123 says:

i loooooove the skeleton dress

Angelicylime says:

Laughed so hard at the hippie one

LadyLA01 says:

I loved the officer costume.

icibo71 says:

i love all the videos! ant the outfits and spankie is so funny

icibo71 says:

i love urbanog

icibo71 says:


bellotaguerrero says:

I’m pretty sure the costume that you thought was a police officer was actually a nazi uniform…. I might be wrong but that’s what it looked like.

MadeByIsaura says:

I’m in loooove with that skeleton dress!!

Jackie Gomez says:

Skeleton dress!!(:

fernandoismyne says:


CrimsonGirl says:

Definitly loooooove the officer one, very sexy without being too revealing and it reminds me more of an old school officer uniform rather than modern ones that look all the same. I think it’s really unique, I just love it!

grosegreen says:

i like the showgirl costume!

keniarosemary says:

i like the fashion videos!! my fave costume was the skeleton dress

estrellita90chacha says:

I liked the flapper costume!

CutiePieThaii says:

I loved the skeleton one, that was definitely my fav of the bunch!

MissRo28 says:

Leg Avenue 3PC Gatsby Girl Costume

YurMiiObsession says:

i realy loved the cute indian/pocahontas costume. its something i would wear for halloween 🙂

pinky pink says:

I loved the angel or whatever the last dress was called it was rlly pretty

alexisandcollin4ever says:

I liked the skeleton one, cuz I love things that glow in the dark and look so cute 🙂

Symone Lewis says:

I really love costume number 5. I’ve wanted something like that for years

Avinnia says:

I Loved the military costume!

estrellita90chacha says:

I like th hippie costume the best.

Ohsnapitzbritt says:

Please do a what to wear to Homecoming video

x3erikax says:

My favorite outfit was the Pochahontas one. I thought that costume was great for your long hair and tanned skin 😀