Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!!

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Close It’s Halloween 2010! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE? My costume is all ready to go (you’ll see pictures, follow me on twitter @AJisTwittery), but are you having a hard time figuring out what YOU want to be this year? Never fear. AJ is here to give you the best ideas she could possibly come up with while washing her hair and or making a pot of ramen noodles. Literally, she put no thought into this whatsoever. So whether you want a Lady Gaga Snookie hybrid costume, or need some DIY cheap and green at home costume ideas, this video is for you. Happy Halloween, y’all!


rabidraeven12345 says:

i put it on low volume and just by looking at her lips i can tell shes saying 5000 words per second

Ayumu Saruwatari says:

if all else fails? if nothing fails you must be on crack

sweetbimbo19 says:

That was funny!!!

Nywor Spillihp says:

this was a hilarious waste of time

boogiewoogiebobby says:

the background song is Fascination by The Human League

Leahberg10 says:

Facebook stalker

Emily Potter says:

The killer bee and killer whale idea was cute

the3broskies123 says:

lol your so hardcore! c-;

keverinkarama says:

hey what’s that song that goes on in the background?

ghostnightmare2001 says:


TheNailene says:

Docent help

Taizer Nigloschy says:

ima cerial killer

XXxHaHaYourDeadxX says:

😀 this year for halloween i was GaGa

Barbara Paris says:


Lovedrunk73 says:

Oh my fricken gawd i was just about to ask the exsct same thing1!!!!!!

edawesomeness1112 says:

omg hold 3

hellostelly says:

Are you sabrina the teenage witch

Sparklez601 says:


Thekittens1234 says:

stolen cds + sign that says “i need money” = hobo

tilz456 says:

secret circle did killer bee lol

Iceindra says:

When she said killer bee, I though about Cammy from street fighter 😛

tterminator100 says:

Lol halloween to her is getting drunk with an epic costume

happygrl251 says:

a facebook stalker lol

tramsnutz74 says:

keep pressing 2 for a GOOD halloween face, press 5 for a pinball machine!!

notebookluvr says:

awesome! 🙂

edithluna1 says:

i like the killer bee n whale…lol.

jessica Dick says:

i have that computer! im on it right now ! 😀

frozenwinterprince2 says:

a facebook stocker!!! that was the best!!!

recino2 says:

That was both helpful AND stupid! So I liked it!
And I now want a whale costume…

kylemonkey says:

female shane dawson


me 2 D:!! + its sunday! NO FREAKING SHOPS ARE OPEN >.<

TheDemonBudgie says:

Thats sad that in Estonia,estonians dont celebrate Halloween,i live in Estonia but i celebrate anyway!

metroidty says:


Joanna Pinto says:

im 9

Eric Vavra says:

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TheMegaWassup says:

Loved sexy chubacka :b

gooseygagnon says:


bertney1234 says:

Lmao I love you already.

feedmecottoncandy says:

Exqueesite says:

LOL!!! ur so silly 😀

OMGTakerusan says:


TheDundi18 says:

snuga or gaki 😀 hahaah

36jakelover says:

Very funny!!


i just go late when someone is already passed out and steal their costume