A Very Model Halloween

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60+ Costumes. 3 1/2 Minutes. 1 Theater Nerd. Need an idea for a last minute costume this Halloween? Here. No excuses. Tell me what you’re dressing up as for Halloween and/or post a picture of your costume on my Facebook page! www.facebook.com LYRICS: If you’re trying to figure out a costume you can wear for Halloween But don’t have time or money or there’s nothing’s quite inspiring Just rummage through your closet and I’m sure you can find something keen Let’s think through all the ideas or old outfits that you might have seen A hat and a machine gun makes a gangster from the silver screen A white tee, red top, and a wig can cause rebelling like James Dean A green shirt and some green tights make you Robin Hood or Peter Pan Some black clothes and a tee-shirt make a very easy ninja man Some black clothes and a tee-shirt make a very easy ninja man Some black clothes and a tee-shirt make a very easy ninja man Some black clothes and a tee-shirt make a very easy-peasy ninja man A pompadour makes greasers, or the Fonz, or Elvis thin or fat Some goggles make a steampunk or a villain if you add a hat So whether pirate, ninja, zombie, scientist or Wolverine To Have a Happy Hallow’s you just have to dress for Halloween So whether pirate, ninja, zombie, scientist or Wolverine To Have a Happy Hallow’s you just have to dress for Halloween A striped shirt makes a mime or sailor plus or minus a beret Some tights and a quick tutu makes you ready for the grand ballet Just add some wings


Opetronx says:

1:45 traumatized me for life…

Opetronx says:


jontesmom says:

Fun twist to it when they all, well, a lot of them at least, turned zombie at the end. I would love to go as a zombie fairy! Not sure my kids would approve though… 🙂

Sarah Palmer says:

Awesome video! Plenty of costumes to select from. I am searching for a scary costume this Halloween! This is considered the most popular occasions of the year. It certainly is fun to see what other people are putting on. Happy Halloween!!

tejaswoman says:

@morganisspiderman Where, where, where? What’s the focus of the commercial (e.g., what kind of hardware or service or tools are featured), so I can come running if I hear it while in another room? Hurrah to Shy getting paid!

Paula Policarpio says:

Hey. You remind me of NPH. That is all.

morganisspiderman says:

I saw you on a lowes commercial and i freaked out because you were on tv! congrats!

tejaswoman says:

I want all subscribers right now to pledge to send this to 100 friends on Oct. 30, 2012. This vid is just waaaaaaaay too little known.

Ponst39 says:

i love this guy

TheDefenestratrix says:

I’m a Goth girl. For Halloween I like being a zombie Goth girl. Either that or I cosplay.

MuMulen100 says:

Well this guy has got enough costumes for Halloween.

Ryulin18 says:

Ahhh. Seeing Shya in panthose and tight pants…Disturbingly sexy

JoshMia217 says:

I love how you proved that you actually do know the origin of this tune by parodying “Hold, Monsters!”

danielshougun says:

That. Was. Awesome!

cookiezandbacon says:

One second, m-my sub consciousness is talking to me again XD

mj4ever1332 says:

wow! love that. to tell u the truth i only watched this for spock. i didnt know the band-aid thing. thanks!

harpo103 says:

You REALLY put a LOT of work into this.
Very good.

Ultimaniacx4 says:

Well again, the premise of the video is his subconscious taking to him. It’s actually more weird for there to be ANY suggestions for girls costumes.

StoryMing says:

I never asked it to give an EQUAL number; I only wondered if it might come up with a few more for women.

Ultimaniacx4 says:

Why would his subconscious give him an equal number of womens clothes?

Shyaporn says:

Mmmm.. nah, I don’t buy it.

Susi Matthews says:

Sorry to be so late in replying! I’m a professional seamstress/costumer and musician/ entertainer. So yeah, dressing up for Halloween when you dress up for a living just loses the cache somehow.

ferrous719 says:

And mead!!!

StoryMing says:

Btw – not quite clear just what the ‘angel’ finds so amusing about the ‘devil’– but it’s nice to see a “good” character with a sense of humor, for once. 

StoryMing says:

True. But most of the characters they represent- except for the ballerina and fairy- are generally male. Not surprising, since you’re a guy yourself, but still… it can be challenging to find an interesting female character to dress as… that doesn’t involve tight, skimpy clothes, short skirts, and fishnet stockings…

Shyaporn says:

Well, I think most of these can be used by any gender :)

StoryMing says:

Impressive. *VERY* impressive.
…now – any more ideas for the girls and women…?

Fragacide says:

I rarely use the word, but this was truly epic. And it actually gave me some ideas for next year!

zoranadragonkyn says:

I dressed as a ruffley, Victorian lady with a sword cane and a dramatic cape on one weekend and a pirate with excessive feathers in my swashbuckling hat the other weekend. My boyfriend was Han Solo!

zoranadragonkyn says:

1000 free internets!

Ultimaniacx4 says:

A subscription and a fan XD

Shyaporn says:

Scared me a little, too.

Shyaporn says:

What did I win?

Shyaporn says:

You just called Anonymous “evil.” RUN!

Shyaporn says:

Did you bring him the souls of fallen warriors?

Shyaporn says:

Try being the Eleventh! Go see my Facebook page 😉

Midiana27 says:


EllyjobellNackle says:

Hologram from red Dwarf. I just found some shiny cardboard, cut out an H, applied directly to forehead. My kid was the only one that got it 😛

Pennyforth says:

This gets a thumbs up just for the Super Friends Samurai costume–but the rest of the video is great, too.

Maybe next year, another Halloween-themed video with an El Dorado costume? (What were that guy’s powers again, besides Hispanic tokenism?)

CraftyTeo says:

some kid dressed as the tenth doctor when I was out. I started geeking like hell!

BrightPhoenix10 says:

I love this!!! I dressed up as Fawkes the phoenix from Harry Potter in a homemade costume.

jdurkacs says:

I was Henchman 21 from The Venture Brothers

Amurana says:

omg he’s so sexy.  <3