Vampire Makeup (Quick, easy Halloween look for guys or girls)

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Click that share button to share on Facebook, Twitter and more!^ For this super easy Halloween look, I make Ken look like a modern-day vampire (think Edward Cullen from Twilight, or maybe someone from True Blood or vampire diaries)–without the glitter. Obviously, add glitter if you want, and especially some fake fangs! Ken’s Channel: Products used: Face: Mary Kay foundation in Beige Colorescience powder in tan almost clear NYX blush in Cinnamon Eyes: elf plum eyeliner Rimmel quad in smokey noir Lips: Rimmel Red Diva lip liner Wet ‘n’ Wild Through The Looking Glass Glassy Gloss ********** Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing! 🙂 Comedy/Character channel: Travel/Extras channel: SHIRTS! Facebook Facebook APP: Twitter Tumblr MySpace http Nick (Nicola if you’re fancy) Foti PO Box 481 Middlesex, NJ 08846 Royalty free music including “Ghostpocalypse 6 – Crossing the Threshold” by Kevin MacLeod from

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jerry hudson says:

lolz lazy eye but its pretty cool with vampire look i think

LYKA130SS says:

who da hell cares if he has a lazy eye or not, ken is hawt and so is his boyfriend <3

KreezyBaby218 says:

Looks down at comments*… idk what to believe…… u.u i feel bad for asking…. but i was worried

KreezyBaby218 says:

Ummm does he have a lazy eye? …not trying to be mean….just curious and worried but anyways i just got back frm watching your bf does your makeup tag video and i must say you boys are adorable! 😉 lol xD im so creepy but whos the fem bottom in the relationship?

DoctorGreenz says:

That’s the best kind. ~,.,^b

PinkBlackFriday says:

I love them together <3

anawild1 says:

i like kens hair cut 🙂 😀

Julienne4wonder says:

My hands are ALWAYS cold….. Am I a nonsparkling vampire? o_O xD

MrEvan4145 says:

Kens not ugly. I agree he shouldnt cut his hair, but hes not ugly

tofixtorepair10 says:

dude why is he dating him? he is sooo ugly.

Robosucky says:

It’s called “Ptosis”, not “lazy eye”.
And that’s not even the point of this video either.
I think this is an awesome and fun tutorial, good job! 🙂

9393DJCobra says:

hahaha your narrating is hilarious x)

punkviolingirl says:

You guys are so cute together <3

RossBradshawTV says:

Yeah he is :3

TheNarutoFanGirl1234 says:

you guys are adorable <3
he's your boyfriend, right? :3

JayTheQueerOne14 says:

I’m going to guess and say that he’s your boyfriend? he’d have to be really trusting to let you use his face. btw i like this look… probably going to use it… one question though: what if my face IS the lightest foundation? should i look for a white?

missusjv says:

omg people are so ignorant. one eye is a double crease with an outside fold and the other is a single lid/mono lid. it’s not lazy and his eyes are perfectly normal. they’re just jealous cause ken’s hott.

NicolaFoti says:

use white

poisonednight says:

So how to you do that look when you are the lightest foundation?

TheNEWJsTOO says:

Handsome guy!! Bel ragazzo ^^
Nicola are u italian? Nicola sei italiano?

Nerdybudy19 says:

He’s cute & the ending was funny lol
Great personality! Thumbs up!

SuperStar4299 says:

its not a lazy eye rude

zazuetaluii says:

Nice makeup tutorial next time have him shave his baby hairs. He looks old enough

MsAlestaa says:

i just realized that he has a single eyelid in one eye an a double eyelid on the other thats not a lazy eye but it still looks cute c:

MsAlestaa says:

maybe he is doing it for the video but i think it looks kind of cute in him… it makes him special 🙂 <3

BlissyBug7 says:

Good video (: Also..I’m so surprised at how straightforward people are about something they’re completely ignorant to. He doesn’t have a lazy eye. And to that person who said he has “an eye issue” you wouldn’t be saying that if you actually looked up the definition of “issue”. I liked the humor in the video, by the way 😀

RakeBone says:

Read the rest of my comments dummy

Jasmyne Khor says:

Go google lazy eyes dummy -_-

NicolaFoti says:

oh yeah, you spelled yeah wrong.

Sweetoothp says:

oh yea…that’s a lazy eye.

TheTotallyTECH says:

Whoa… you are taking what I said and taking it to a whole new context. I have nothing against Ken or Nick. I could care less if they’re gay, they’re just the same as the rest of us. If they were “sensitive” then they shouldn’t be doing YouTube because they’re a lot of hateful trolls. I’m just simply stating that people on YouTube will ask questions if something is out of the “norm”. My goodness quit starting drama over nothing.

gabsylv says:

“Wrong” is a highly subjective term. There’s nothing unappealing about healthy eyes of any shape/symmetry, same with nose shape or any other shape. “Wrong” is a hurtful word that many of us here have been on the shitty end of, too often in our lives. Try to be a little sensitive on gay-friendly channels

TheTotallyTECH says:

This is the internet. You can’t get pissed off on what anybody says. The first 3 seconds of the video you know something is wrong with his eye and obviously people are going to ask.

gabsylv says:

Why no fangs???

gabsylv says:

The point is, it doesn’t have anything to do with the video. If it were a tutorial on how to be an eye model, then fine!

Lilychan says:

You are both really cute together 🙂 <3

coolkid14414 says:

watching this just to stare at ken!