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Face Its party time white makeup cream medusa’s makeup mineral powder~geisha Eyes mac paint~flammable medusa’s makeup~electro red mac~knight devine Nyx eyeliner~black Mac~carbon Cheeks mac~knight devine Lips Nyx~cherry

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NCOV089 says:

Thank you mandy, doing my make up this way for a party tonight.. sweet.. and you guys are so effing cute.. 🙂

crazygirl1585 says:

you two are really cute!

mandyjo218 says:

Dont you mean, THE makeup lady should put on a bra?? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

mrteen19 says:

da make up lady should put up a bra!! plz

TheTitan1998 says:

lol :D
“it’s called gay shaaaahaha(laugh) silence….” 1:02
awsome make up!!!!

cesaregomix says:

very great  Mimo clown make up

mvr80 says:

Makeup by Michael Jackson??!!! WTF??!! xD hahaha JK

cyndi1heart4you says:

Thank You!!!!!!!!! This helped me make my husband a hunky vampire!!!!

darkroyalty2000 says:

I am going to do the make up for a friend, he´s dressing up as Count Dracula, and after searching the whole internet , this is the best make up ever I have found!thx a lot!!!!

gothbatgirl says:

my bf wants me to do hes make up for halloween and hes goin as a vampire , u r vary good at it i will try to do as good as u lol

CupcakeVamp says:

Daww <3

mandyjo218 says:

I am sooooo lucky, We always have the best time together:)

mandyjo218 says:

Jonathan is a great name:) have fun:)

mandyjo218 says:

Yess!! I was very lucky he did this for me:)

mandyjo218 says:

Thankyou!! We always have a blast!!

riotsonicdude24 says:

You guys are my favorite couple! [:

TheCrosswind says:

Thank you!!! patient boyfriend…., nice of him to be your model


my son’s name is jonathan too and thats why i am watching this do to his makeup for halloween lol great video thanks !!!

dogman1 says:

vampire smileys ( * ,…, * )

CupcakeVamp says:

Girl, you have the best boyfriend ever 🙂 You are very lucky <3 Bless you!!

fishjohnburg says:

That looks like a pale emo.Not a vampire.

fishjohnburg says:

to me,it looks more like a punkrocker and not a vampire.

bambinofidele says:

jaja nefasto tu video, tanto que lo tienes q´comentar tu misma jaja

mandyjo218 says:

You are defiently right thankyou!!!

mandyjo218 says:

Yourwelcome thankyou for watching!!

mandyjo218 says:

Absolutely Coldplay is amazing!!!

mandyjo218 says:


mandyjo218 says:

mmmmm scotch!!!!

mandyjo218 says:

There is nothing wrong with guy liner I think it is sexy!!!

mandyjo218 says:

hmmm I suppose you are right….

mandyjo218 says:

Your welcome:)

mandyjo218 says:

Thankyou!! My bf always cracks me up…