Taylor Swift Halloween Costume, Hair, & Makeup!

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This is just for fun and most definitely inspired! My goal was just to give you guys some good tips and ideas on how to dress up as Taylor for Halloween! I hope it helped or you found it entertaining LOL 🙂 Link to where I got my wigs! www.wig.com Thanks for watching! xoxo, Mere My Instagram: StilaBabe09 My Links! My Vlog Channel! www.youtube.com Facebook! www.facebook.com Twitter! twitter.com Everything was purchased by me! Not a sponsored video! All thoughts and opinions are my own… like always!


225icee says:


xoxocarlygurl says:

or anybody of the pretty little liars cast!

xoxocarlygurl says:

Tinkerbell! 🙂

Martinchen4ever says:

something like vampire diaries inspired 🙂 love this video <3

Gem Girls Awesome says:

I would love to win it! I rely need it for halloween! And I would like to see u do Cher Llyod want u back look 🙂

ndeye97 says:

4:36 Where’s Taylor? AHAHAHAHA loved that!

sakurakanso says:

kristen stewart Haloween Costume, Hair, & Makeup

maddie6776 says:

Please please do a Katy Perry costume tutorial!!!!!

SelenaDreamOutLoud says:

Katherine Pierce!Not Nina Dobrev,Kat Pierce!<3

xalisa xalisa says:

very simply

Finchel0 says:

Lea Michele.. pleaseeeeee !

rosienderoover says:

Nicki minaj

Denisa Dhaniswara says:

hermione granger

GennaGwenth says:

Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.

Yusnavi Machado says:

lea Michele

us2freckles says:

Belle (:

Ji Hong Lee says:

Little Witch

1001Cheese says:

selena gomez look please

BBeautyStar says:

Selena Gomez :)

TandiandBrooke says:

Watched this 10 times, planning to watch it 100 more times -3

hipsterbynight says:


Bumb Wombat says:

Not fraught I mean straight

Bumb Wombat says:

Can you do a tutorial that would look good on both brown and light skin. Sorry for me being so fraught out with it but thanks so much if you would.

sundressesandknives says:

This is SUPER CUTE. But I’m black lol so I can’t do this.

SingerRobinson1 says:

Maddie Ziegler (from Dance Moms) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE YOU VIDEOS FOREVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!

Roxaaayii says:

Nicki minaj!,

SoccerRoxMyWrld9 says:

Ik I didn’t see hers till after this one

SomebodylikeJosefin says:

I would love to se a fifties halloween tutorial! Love the fifties! Great job on the video

juliebs95 says:

Tinker Bell!

CrazeStar0310 says:

You’re lip synching is spot on :D

TheMariasworld says:

Hey pretty swifty girl! I want you to be like katniss on hunger games please ILove You!!

KayeXMusic says:

tinker belle! since you already look like a really pretty fairy 🙂

SaraSally04 says:

Emma Watson please!! Xx

clelianumero11 says:

I’d like you to do a Halloween tutorial inspired by Katy Perry in Wide Awake :)

13heyitsemily13 says:

selena gomes hit the lighs look tutorial!!!

Guneet Aneja says:

Zooey Deschanel

jonnahlyne says:

Any Disney princess (: but Belle would be cool

loveshugocharaxdd says:

Katy Perry

Noouf07 says:

Hello kitty

mamoonahilal says:

Liam Payne

DanyellyJelly says:

Harry Styles

mamoonahilal says:

Justin bieber