Nail Art ~ Halloween/Fall designs & Costume Idea Slideshow

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I do apologize I wasnt able to include as much nail art designs as I would have liked, Im still not quite settled in my new place. But for posting late I added some extra goodies for you. I hope you enjoy. : ) Did you know Halloween originated in Ireland? Read up on the truth behind Halloween: For all things Hauntingly Disney—a tribute to Disneylands Haunted Mansion visit: For great masks check out For the best quality and thee most realistic masks ever! visit For some fun horror movie trivia games, make your way over to Caverns of Blood At Killer Pumpkins their graphics alone are worth the visit. Be sure to click on their galleries button; a superbly done up site If youd like some info on the largest outdoor Halloween Carnival in the US, held every year in West Hollywood—with a very hand$ome first place prize in their costume contest—check out My personal favorite. Universal CityWalk, is having their Monsters Bash on Halloween night; with trick-or-treating for kiddies from 4-8PM. Oh yeah, and Sexy Rob Thomas will be there on the 20th. http Something for the kids, some online Halloween games: Some of my favorite movies to watch on Halloween: Halloween Halloween 2 Rocky Horror Picture Show Nightmare Before Christmas Beetle Juice Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings Elvira, Mistress of the Dark It’s the


LadyNailz says:

🙁 Yeah, she didn’t place that year, but my family and me always have so much fun anyway. But I was shocked when several people ask me who she was. I’m like, are you kidding me? Chucky’s a horror movie icon (not my fav, but still). What planet have you been on for the last 24 years, lol. But I was pretty proud of the costume. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed.
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drowningjojo says:

The Bride of Chucky ‘Tiffany’ costume didn’t place?! I can’t believe it! She looked so cute, she was spot on in that costume!

LadyNailz says:

Thank you, I will certainly try to get a tut on that one. Thanks so much for commenting. ◦◕‿◕◦

DaisyTeru says:

i luv the one at 1:02 now that is fantastic!!! can u do a nail tutorial on that please 🙂

LadyNailz says:

I get the 100 count deal from
Thanks for stopping by. : )

LadyNailz says:

“Monster’s Lullaby,” the song and voice are amazing. I listen to it all year long. I’m sorry I do not know the singers name, but the song is done by a group called “Family Arts Theatre,” they’re out of Pennsylvania. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great Halloween! : )

xXHarrietlvuuXx says:

were did uu get uur nail stand/fake fingers from??? and uur art is brilliant btw!!

muffin1babe says:

Is that Rasputina’s song!! I love that voice!

LadyNailz says:

Oh good, those are the easy ones. lol. I’ve got three videos I’m trying to finish up with, then I will get yours out, ok? I promise it will be in plenty of time for Halloween. : )

2Shaila21 says:

the wsipy bottomed ones 🙂

LadyNailz says:

I think I can do that for you. The wispy-bottomed
ones or the sheet ones?

2Shaila21 says:

btw, can u possibly make a tutorial for the ghosts???

2Shaila21 says:

thank you! 😀 same to you ^_^

LadyNailz says:

Yes, Halloween will always be my favorite! I’ll bet your costume is going to be awesome! Have a great one! : )

2Shaila21 says:

HALLOWEEN IS AWESOME!!!!!! WORDS CAN”T EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!!!! btw…those ghosts were AMAZING!!! my nail are VERY short but i’ll find a way to make it work since i loved it so much!!!! i’m not going as something scary…i’m going as my favorite character from my favorite T.V. show…Avatar:The Last Airbender…i’m going as Toph, the blind, twelve-year-old earthbender/metalbender master ^_^

LadyNailz says:

I know… if only it could come more often. : )

Danielle White says:

i love halloween too!!! its my favorite time of year!!!! 🙂

LadyNailz says:

It most certainly is. : ) Thanks for watching. : )

donntasha says:

looks like this is ur time of year to have fun!

LadyNailz says:

Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks for watching. : )

mko216 says:

awesome video ;]

LadyNailz says:

Thanks for your sweet comment. I have six kids, btw. : )

midnightsundark says:

O _ O good

LadyNailz says:

Thanks so much; glad you enjoyed. : )

purpledream411 says:

im not a big fan of halloween but this i really liked, the nail designs were awsome. costumes were fantastic. xoxoxox loved it

LadyNailz says:

So sweet, thank you. : )

HarryPartridge says:

Scarecrow was beautiful. I want to be his friend.

LadyNailz says:

Aw, thanks so much. How sweet of you to say. I’m really glad you enjoyed them. : )

lovetosleep123 says:

OMG i think ll of these are brill
they are exelant i wish i could do it
i liked the one when u said it looks like a 5 year old did it
loved it
luv ya xx

LadyNailz says:

Thank you kindly. : )

configure1973 says:

wow i really like your designs they are brill

LadyNailz says:

Thanks a bunch. : )

fingernailjunky says:

loved all of your designs, keep up the good work

LadyNailz says:

Thanks Beena, how sweet. : )

BeenaBop says:

Beautiful nail designs, love em ^_^ and those costumes were awesome!!!

LadyNailz says:

Thank you. : ) Ya, he did kinda take on a life of his own.

Queenterrier says:

I think the scarecrow was adorable!

LadyNailz says:

Aw, thank you so very much. : )

camysh says:

The nail designs are so cool!!!
And the halloween costumes as well!!!

good wishes to your mom :*

rastalove555 says:

Wooow! All are amazing!

LadyNailz says:

Thanks so much, Anna, you comments were sooo appreciated. : )

CarlyMooBarly says:

No problem!!! You have a great Halloween as well!! =D

LadyNailz says:

Well thank you Miss MooBarly, how kind of you to say. I am so glad you enjoyed the video. : ) I hope you have a super Halloween!