Swamp Monster Makeup and Costume : BFX

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Ever see a Swamp Monster rap Lazy Sunday in the streets of NYC? Want to turn yourself into a Swamp Thing for this Halloween? Then watch and learn, from Indy Mogul – fun cheap filmmaking effects!


jadenreviewstuff says:

is it water proof?

MrVetwise1 says:

i used to be a painter but then i took paint fumes to the lung

wsttxkilr2 says:

this guy is the result of not taking your ADHD medication

ladygirlpr says:

sup erick the best video i loved was the werewolf i did not see the zombie yet so i am going to watch thatafter this comment

marinicjan says:

why are you whering that mask at the paint job

MohoBiechiz says:

oh i forgot the bald cap…

TheNintendogamer105 says:

Or you can use a darker green and make a ghillie suit 😀

saiaddict says:

at 0:34 does he say “wiener”

DragonsDontSwim says:

Yo dawg we heard you like liquid latex, so we put liquid latex on your liquid latex so you can apply liquid latex while you re-apply liquid latex.

zombiefan1990 says:

stop at 3:47 lool

nerfproplayer says:

who gives whats on 3:25 :S

XxsamanthaxX2000 says:

stop at 3:25

XxsamanthaxX2000 says:

stop at :20 hilariouse

rambo007745 says:


firearrow453 says:

stop at 0:27 try not to laugh

MrTopgunner55 says:

pause at 0:24 and try not to laugh

emorulzforever says:

Ha ur right!

NGELO9657 says:

in a different episode toilet paper was free lol

Sk8eRPR says:

LOL! Agree!

javieliiillo says:

zombies!! you should do a nazi one xD

javieliiillo says:


michael9r9r says:

zombies and leg tear

vezide says:

leg tear awesome

bloodychainsaw98 says:

lol justin biebers is like a soy nut

angelkaywinn4210 says:

you said it

2000endri says:

is possesed with exorcist cause im not watching that

llmikesept17 says:


killman11kill says:


tashona123 says:

There is three guys in a pub and the first one says I have the worlds longest arm the second one says i have have the worlds shortest arm the third one says i have the worlds smallest penis they go to the Guinness world records the first guy says i was right, i have the worlds longest arm the second one says i was right i have the worlds shortest arm and the third guy says WHO THE FUCK IS JUSTIN BEIBER!!!

familyguy260 says:

There are 3 women in a posh bar ,
the first says ”I must have the worlds biggest vagina!”
the second says ”I must have the world smallest vagina!”
the third says ”I must be the only woman with a penis and a vagina!”
They go and look it up online at world records!
the first woman says ”Woo hoo , i do have the worlds biggest vagina!”
the second waman says ”Finally , i now know i do have the worlds smallest vagina!”
the third woman says ”SHIT , WHO THE HELL IS LADY GAGA!!!!

damngoodAmerican says:


DLisland2 says:

Can anyone say ghille suit?

speakerhead97 says:


HorrorweenifyBoo says:

how can you say that 2 my heroTT_TT