Party Monster – Blood Feast – Make Up Tutorial 1!

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This is the first Party Monster Makeup Tutorial in the series. Here I show you guys how to re-create the look seen from the first scene in the movie where michael is at his Blood Feast birthday party. Originally uploaded 22nd of February 2011 Please “like me” on facebook: Visit my Website: Music by Jason Shaw @


Pinkstylist says:

Hehe thank you! Why don’t you try it!? It’s super fun!! 😀 xXx

jaymurskie says:

I was watching party monster stuff, then james st james, then your vid. I never wore make up in my life… But your music and style of video hypnotized me to watch the whole thing… haha I wish I could have fun like that

Pinkstylist says:

-Blush- :$:$:$

TheEmmaBonde says:

sweet :P

Pinkstylist says:

Hehe thats Cosmo! :D And the person in the back is my partner Graham 🙂 xXx

TheEmmaBonde says:

I love the cat!! 😛 and the person in the background 😛 LOL!!!

TheEmmaBonde says:

I love the cat!! 😛

Pinkstylist says:

Haha 😛 I was up really late doing this and was half asleep so pfft! Really hard to remember two Seths when ur sleepeh… ¬_¬ thats my excuse n im sticking with it!

redyakuza28 says:

one of my faves 🙂 seth green? seth mcfarlane? xD