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Justinbjensen says:

What is the song in this clip… Amazing job on the makeup by the way.. Have you put in for Face Off on syfy.. You should

Guts Ripper says:

Looks like my mother when she is in a bad mood.

eytrin says:

First I sculpted them, and then I casted them of something called F18.

TheCourtneyDesire says:

how did you make the teeth?

1atualidades says:

perfect *-* I love you s2s2s2

mckenzie85 says:

Reminds me of Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body..

AxolotlSally says:

I’ll apreciate it so much ^^ Thank you!!

eytrin says:

I wish I could but that’s A LOT.. I made the mask when I went to the SFX class.. I can’t remember all. But I can try to make a video with pictures of the process 🙂 🙂

AxolotlSally says:

Pleese pleese pleese pretty PLESE put in the description all products you used for makeing the mouth, for sticking it to your face, for the teeth (If you buy the where or what they’re made of), for glueing the teeth, base to blend the mouth in to your skin, etc etc. It’s just SO wonderful and I think we all want to know how to make it 😛

Thumbs up if you want that too!

XXrawrrochelleXX says:

Can you show us how to make this please? And amazing job! It looks wonderful.

Puertoricangirl223 says:

wut u use to make da base mask for da mouth nd teeth?? nd y u doin diz for??

ashliieebearr says:

could you make a video showing how you make it and what products you used. I’m trying to get into special fx makeup, and I’d love to try and make my own prosthetic. thanks! @eytrin

eytrin says:

I made it 🙂

eytrin says:

The mask is made of Foam latex:)

ashleyegd says:

This look would be perfect for the character Milena in the game mortal kombat! She wears a ninja mask and is dressed sexily but underneath it, she has a crazy mouth with huge teeth like that.. it would be perfect!!! By the way this work is fantastic!

ashliieebearr says:

how did you make the mouth, did you buy it or make it?

LieutenantEmo says:

Wowww, I would love to do something like this.  What do you make the base out of? Latex? Foam?

jimsmutek says:


skullgryd says:

excellent! keep up the great work! 😀

eytrin says:

Thanks!=D I went to a school (in Norway) where they had SFX study 🙂

BabeBee33 says:

where did you learn to do this.?! its awesome.!!

Bigvanskip says:

plz show this in a video

eytrin says:

First of all I sculpted them and then I casted them

Bigvanskip says:

what you use as a tooth?

eytrin says:

Yes, she can:) No, this is my best friend. It’s my sister who is the avatar

Tendoking says:

You’re quite welcome. Can she drink with a straw in that makeup? Also, was she the avatar in your older clip?

eytrin says:

Thank you! :)

Tendoking says:

Nice! She can open her ‘mouth’ as well, even if it’s slightly. Great design.