Halloween Costume Ideas – Vampire Outfit

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Halloween Costume Ideas – Vampire Outfit – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin and I am the Owner of R.T. Clown. Here is Mark looking scary in the traditional vampire/devil costume. A blonde devil, it does not matter what color your hair is. You could be blonde, you could have dark hair, you could have not shaved in three days or possibly gray hair, whatever works. Why do not you just show the inside of the cape and turn around? Perfect. This is something I put together and, as I said, alot of this stuff you could put together at home but it helps if you do have a little advise if you do not have a clue. I accentuated this by having him wear the patent leather dress shoes which kind of makes it a little classier looking. And kind of an eskew bow tie. The sunglasses are a little extra thing that I personally put in. That is when you come to somebody who is a professional they are going to add those little touches which make it just a little bit more special. It is basically a very simple costume but you keep addint the touches, it becomes a little more interesting. He is also wearing a classic tuxedo shirt and a classic tuxedo bow tie and a cumber bun. Let me see the cumber bun. It is red, yes. Yes. He might have worn that at his wedding. You never know. Right now he just has not shaved. But if you really want to do make up you can put a lot of black on the face. You can go to a professional, I mean we do it. But there are also, every town has a magic store or a costume shop where they will help you with some make up. You can even go to the theatre department at a school.


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