Easy Scar – Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Products used: Mehron — Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid www.mehron.com 66 Lip Color Palette Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in 03 Golden Beige MAC Select Moisturecover in NW20 BLOG: www.beautifulyouworld.com *Visit my blog and follow! FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com *Follow me on twitter for updates and chit-chat 😉 BEAUTYLISH: beautylish.com *All delicious girls follow me on Beautylish 🙂 MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE TO BEAUTIFULYOUTV CHANNEL: www.youtube.com Check out my Halloween tutorials: Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup Look: www.youtube.com Open Wound and Burned Face Makeup Tutorial www.youtube.com Free Royalty Free Music by Danosongs.com . Music is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


sydneygirl11able says:

Why the fuck would you try to be “emo” for Halloween? You are a fucked up person.

TheSunshine240 says:

@olivia martinez-mcclellan I searched mine on amazon hope it helps:)

Sherrie Guan says:

is it just me or does she sound like promise?

olivia martinez-mcclellan says:

where do u get the scarring rigon colodian

brunomarsisaQT says:

thats awesome

evih99 says:

Ummm how would u take the scar thing off later??

BeautifulYouTV says:

I would BUT! The effect won’t be realistic on those areas, which you move a lot! The product will start to chip off! So try to choose a motionless area 😉

honokagakiraidaadaaa says:

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Jaylin Solis says:

Would it also work for emo scars.? Going across my wrists.? By the way, where can I buy the rigid collodion.? Your very pretty, by the way. 🙂

TheHarryronhermione says:

what if you have to put clown makeup over it?

TrueFunSisters says:

Can you get the rigid collodon online?

thePovelizer says:

Cool! Thank you!

BeautifulYouTV says:

no, it does not… just check my later videos and you will see that nothing happened to my skin 🙂

thePovelizer says:

Would this be bad for your skin if it actually causes it to bend/ collapse in?

ikumihayatimanndayon says:

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TheMissmrmr says:

what can you use instead of the Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid ?

roadrunnerbro14 says:

This was totally fucking shit

101HyperHaribo says:

Can you get rigid collodon in everyday make up stores? Do u know if i can get it in the u.k?

BeautifulYouTV says:

you just peel it off!

Nevermind ForMyName says:

how can you get it off?

BeautifulYouTV says:

Thank you, honey!

BeautifulYouTV says:

It is called rigid collodion

Addie Mitchell says:

can you tell me what that stuff was that you put on your skin that smelled really bad

AhoyApril says:

Wow, your voice is beautiful!

ikumitokyoutkoknores says:

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pumpkinseeds721 says:

id be afraid to wear this because it looks so real!

marea899 says:

looks real

xNanaProductions says:

what can you use instead of rigid collodion? please answer!

ikumitokyoutkoknores says:

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BeautifulYouTV says:

You could… however, visually it would look different.

Annie Ducky says:

Could you use latex?

BeautifulYouTV says:

Yes, it does!

littlecutiegirl2001 says:


dittoxo says:

How to look very skinny for Halloween! Like starving or anorexic.
Please and thankyou <3

Balletlover54978 says:

Can you get other things other than that stuff that you can just mix?

TheLaird10 says:

does the smell go away once its dried?

xInflitex says:

E-ffect 😀 OMG Your pretty! :D

Nicolecatherine1997 says:

where did you get your Rigid Collodion from? 🙂

xXRebelMouseXx says:

can you show peeling it off? It looks so cool xD

BeautifulYouTV says:

You just peel it off!

TheChocoholicChick says:

How do you take it off?

BeautifulYouTV says:

No, it won’t if you do it as I say 🙂

Darla Starling says:

Will this damage your skin at all?