80’s Halloween Costumes: Goonies, Teen Wolf, Marty McFly, Top Gun and Lloyd Dobbler

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With our favorite holiday approaching, here are 5 rad 80’s costumes to DIY in time for Halloween! I worked with Savers again to combine thrifted pieces with Halloween accessories and my DIY creations to bring you back to the bodacious 80’s. The Goonies map is coming soon! Print out your very own treasure map to take with you: enderbynest.blogspot.com


PoconoPam says:

LOL!!!! Great vid 

Oliver Armstrong says:

i know this is really geeky but can you make a tutorial on a ciel phantomhive coustume… for women and 12 year old geekey girls?

hrhqueene says:

SAVERS!!! My favorite store in the whole, wide crafty/frugal/green world!

flipside10189 says:

that dylan mckay shirt, is the best ever.

rocknroll1fan says:

Ah I love The Goonies…I like the Lloyd Dobler costume ;)

PinkCornelia says:

I love the goonies, awesome customes.

Terria Velez says:

The Goonies one was great! Love that they made Chunk a girl.

shwimmy3 says:

Can you please make a DIY video on how to make plushies like the ones that appeared in the hedgehog plushie video?

sammydavisvintage says:


larsonwendy24 says:

Aww no Truffle Shuffle Meg?

Kit Pennebaker says:

milo the pirate is priceless

bruno25karla says:

u looked great on the why am i still single? show

Amber123mae says:

CATS button C:

lin90210 says:

yay beverlyhills 90210

ginersnaps1 says:

I like this 🙂

TiffohRo says:

Meg, I spotted you on that new TV show Why am I still single on Vh1 :)!

LittleSelfia says:

😀 I can’t even pick which one is my favorite!

Miladyleela says:

Awesome Meg!

candicemelrose says:

sooo creative meg!! I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! soo weeellll DONE!!!!! THUMBS UP IF YOU THINK SO TOO!

MegAllanColeCrafts says:

@NovemberBlueTV I was at a posh party and someone casually asked what years 90210 aired and I answered (a little too eager and excited and quick) 1990-2000! So fast. I love you for knowing it too! I do know this because I am obsessed with it and still watch it on Soapnet. True confession. My reference is that I, too, am still “stuck in the past”:) xo, Dylan-loving-Meg

CrimsonFlower12 says:

Am I the only one who’s noticed the Jesus and the Mary chain tee????
Got to love that band!!!! 😉

muriaal says:

2:30-2:33 ahaha! loved it!!!

dustedneonlight says:

My friends and I were the girls from the Heathers last year. Although not many people have seen that one, it was one of my favorite costumes I have worn!

NeccoWecco says:

Lol I’ve only ever seen the Goonies in Spanish, I didn’t know he was called Chunk in English. He’s Gordi in Spanish, which means fatty too

aglanceatmyworld says:

Very cool…the hubby would love this! (I however was born in 1987 and didn’t have a TV until the mid to late 90s. I recognize the movie titles, but haven’t seen them).

Fancylooks says:

Funny! I need an ET one

Tenfresh says:

Love it! Great how all these costumes have at least one signature prop and/or motion that makes it so obvious who you are. Goonies forever!

lamademoisellemarple says:

i love your ideas!

KatrinaKingsOfLeon says:

What about the goonies girls?

adizikes says:

OMFG!!! This is the best video ever!!!!! I may have to watch it over and over for the next three hours. I am totally serious. You are amazing.

CassieCurse says:

wow i love this! xx