Our Halloween Costumes (Sneak Peek)

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the great costume ideas. Now we’d like to see what you’re going as.


Bluedragen12 says:


chipetesfan754271 says:

i am going as cleo de patra

fidance71 says:

Kate is a lot prettier then molly

fidance71 says:

Little red riding hood, a cute witch or a fairy

immortal1612 says:

woopie cushion :)

BeckyofIowa says:

I’m either going to be a Burlesque girl with my friends, Stewie Griffin, Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie”, or Your Favorite Martian. I still can’t decide!

mrxcal123 says:

my costume was chucky scaring people with firecrackers and fog teehe

MsAshley107 says:

i love your outfit kate!!

Co0k3M0nster says:

-reads description- yup yup yup ‘Hey Guys!’ LOL love how they know!

cj89898 says:

sniper in a guiley suit!

mastershake589 says:

You girls are terrible at acting

Amandork456 says:

i like kate’s voice

cascadakat says:

Gir……look him up XD

manbir211 says:

u couldn’t think of anything better to do?

haitihelper99 says:

im going this year as my own character that i created myself

parksman2112 says:

kate isooo hot

lightningthehamster says:

Jason from friday the 13th :3 i like it scary

Dinoman217 says:

You sure look sexy in your costume Molly! And you look like Taylor Swift Kate!

jhanov442 says:


CRAZYSoxlady says:

im being a girl mobster

ivy221 says:

bitch took my costume…..im going as a fairy..

chrisquick123451966 says:

too old to dress up for halloween.. at least that is what my wife told me 🙁

hotandcrowded says:

awesome, squrillegirl for being the first video response. glad to see that you’ve gotten views for it. ppl, check her out and learn from her.

xo k&m

waffle23456 says:

i’m going as a nerd!! can’t post video response though :'(

sdtgonzalez says:

word, kate is really sexy

mrOoPEe says:

kate shouldve been a nurse

squrilleygirl says:

i just uploaded mine yay

ElMajeNica says:

HOBO!!! I mean… I’m going as a hobo yay!
I’m required by my jobs to go dressed in a Halloween costume, btw I work in a restaurant serving food, and also in a hospital.
So much fun dressed as a BUM.

brittanykaye92 says:

i’m going as a pirate!
i’ll probably post a video response
in a couple days :]

SeamunkyDo says:

Lol ball of lint ? sounds awesome

LaUgHiNgPuLsArS says:

Im gonna be a ball of lint

Jacob Scott says:

lol u 2 look really hot in those costumes, but then again when don u 2 look hot lol ;D

hotandcrowded says:

OK guys. We need to see some costume videos. Otherwise, we’re going to be wearing our own t-shirts. We had them made special. We showed you ours…

hotandcrowded says:

Video response please. what are you going as?

xo km

icejag29 says:

do you want a picture in halloween costume, or a video? btw love yall!

MrPoling67 says:

hannnibal lecter :)-

connolly100 says:

air heads!!!!!!!!!

thebunnetkid says:

Pirate…but it ended up looking more like a tavern wench…haha

hotandcrowded says:

yeah. we know. it looks more fairy-like in our upcoming video. Spoiler alert: Its about a funny vampire.

Swagman8 says:

shine buckets

haqlges says:

i say NAKED!

molly1002 says:

I’m going as a cat (yeah it seems childish but i’m 12 lol) i went as a cowgirl last year

hotandcrowded says:

good 4 u! plz tell us what we can expect to see!

hotandcrowded says:

she isn’t?

SNL0907 says:

You girls are sooo cute.

Marthuiop says:

well wudnt gunna go as anythin but u gals juschanged ma mind 😀 luv ya costumes too <3 mayb as roxas

durtybeast925 says:

i am in love lol. im gunna be an iphone. =)