How to Make a Scary Halloween Costume from Classic Horror Movies

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MyChipmunkVevo says:

scariest horror movie character ever: Chucky. Childs Play gave me a 3 day nightmare streak. during that episode, anywhere i looked i thought i saw chucky with a freagin knife

costumecauldron says:

Wow this is so Ingenious when you are really on a tight budget and don’t know what to wear on Halloween.

Pedro Santos says:

Slender man 😀

Aidan Blachowski says:

i already went as leatherface

5GIBY says:

thats how i made my hollywood derector costume noone ever found out it was a little warm tho

ChloeMadelineL says:

So? He still provides a saw! Chucky is a toy and he played with the little boy with toys in the movie!

gmod576 says:

Yes, but he never shows up in human with a saw -_- and Chucky doesnt play with toys and crash them into each other. WATCH THE FUCKING MOVIES.

ChloeMadelineL says:

but he makes his victims saw their legs and stuff

eugenie564 says:

Last year i wanted to go as carie but my mum didn’t let me because i wasn’t allowed to cover any of my dresses in fake blood

Artemis Onyx says:

Step 1:Make a realistic Rebbeca Black character.
Step 2:Go up to everyone and threaten to sing unless they give you candy.
Did you know:You just read this comment.

phantomfangurl says:

-What are you?
-Buffalo Bill! 😀

gmod576 says:

jigsaw doesnt use a weapon nor a saw.


This a Pathetic shame to Halloween!

jasminclarke1 says:

I went as carrie last year

karla gallant says:

did he have a chainsaw ?

arlyhilator says:

he isn´t jigsaw, his name is billy

silkku1000 says:

Could some one help me? Should I go as chucky jigsaw or samara?

miani8 says:

Once when i was trick or treating, a guy with the first costume chased us around . lets hope he was kidding.

MrSamster911 says:

if you took the makeup off that jigsaw guy, he looks a bit like matt smith…

Voorhees13Fan says:

Should’ve done a jason costume

raelovesyou98 says:

epic ankle twist

Ray I. Miller says:

The last one is the scariest.

yahhcold says:

steps for what..

purplezombiecarrot says:

1. Kill someone
2. Skin them
3. Wear their flesh

laquera640 says:

brb im gonna go stab a melon now

TiffanyLPS1 says:

note to self always read the tags before watching a video D:

prawn2003 says:

KONY 2012

rslulzim8 says:

WTF grudge girl in sneakers :O

MrSnowcone98 says:

Ahhhhhh! The ghost girl from the ringer made me throw my iPod across the room! Lol

xXMileyDemiGirlXx says:

carrie is my fav movie next time im going to be Carrie for the next halloween

90sfanforever says:

Lol I know I’m bored now. I’m watching how to make scary halloween costumes, and I don’t even go trick or treating. Hell, it’s not even Halloween anymore. 0_0

mrknittingbaby says:

Omg it is billy not jigsaw. Jigsaw is the old guy

hoboskach says:

OMG 3rd comment!!!!! First this video is epic but i reconize the guy who is wearing the leather face mask put a leather face mask on when he already has one on lol lol lol lol

hoboskach says:

OHHHH and who is Carrie?

hoboskach says:

not that jig saw and chucky scare me but the guy that was wearing the costume made me s**t my pants!!

tepora81 says:

simeria reminds me of the grudge

tepora81 says:

I just sawCarrie…that movie creeped me out espieccially when that hand comes out of the ground

DramaQueen9324 says:


JustMeLoLzxD says:

@gnr2k11forever where can we celebrate it?

kayyiztheshizz says:


Dinosaur432 says:

@scratchypigz34 1) chucky-child’s play 2) leatherface- Texas chainsaw massacre 3) Carrie- Carrie 4) Samarah (I think that’s it)- the ring 5) jigsaw- saw

dinahmanatee says:

I’m gonna be Crimes of the Heart! Lol

ryckardoff9 says:

yes, yes it is weird my poor fellow.