How To Make A Halloween Costume For Your 18″ American Girl Doll- Annalee’s Craft Show Finale

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The Season 1 Finale of Annalee’s Craft Show- hope you enjoy! Next Season begins in the new year!


ILoveAmericanGirls27 says:

So cute!!!

BAILI17 says:

i have the katie doll

kaila matista says:

very nice

TheMydollstuff says:

Cute!! what jly number is Katie??

jessica minterya says:

nice this is cool

TheOwlsrcool says:

Tinkerbell has green shoes with a white puffball and she doesn’t use a wand :T
Just pointing it out, since I was quite the Tink otaku when I was younger and it’s just stuck in my brain xP

AGDollTutorials184 says:


AGDollTutorials184 says:


tejha monez says:

i have the same i <3 boobies band as u 😀

Missyroxer says:

Thx for the idea! I’m gonna do the same but, use sewing and glitter for it!

kristransue says:

My doll, Anna Bell, would look super cute like this because she has bangs and blond hair!

butterflyartstudios says:

Hey but her doll does :)

cuteredwoolly23 says:

She has a grean dress made out of leaves and no glasses

zapher1000 says:

can you put glitter on the wings?

HotChoco232 says:

tinkerbell doesnt have glasses

Evan Vader says:

Oh my god that is too perfect!!!!!

Amalia Imholte says:

water, from a spray bottle

MsClayCharms106 says:

What is the stuff you sprayed in your ag dolls hair

americangirldollcraz says:

Oh. and um just saying this isn’t my video……..

epiclizz says:

cuz u said u had you pee and you said it on youtube

americangirldollcraz says:

why TMI?

jgeisel4 says:

I have 2 American dolls that look like yours

mousaka100 says:

i have to pee so bad am holding it in because it a cool

americangirllover lenzengirl says:

How do you make the dorthey outfit?

Katielove agd says:

love it! but i think i need to do a little bit more decorating and then it will be AWESOME!

TheLoonyLovebad1 says:

tinkerbell has pom-poms on her shoes

moonpiggyag says:

I HATE the green sock

PinkDaisySwirl says:


PinkDaisySwirl says:

yes it is hamburger way.

soccergirl10987 says:

This is so cute I really want to make it!!! You are awesome!

kirapelley says:

Oh yeah now I see. I’m buying that doll soon.