Halloween 2010: Greek Goddess Hair and Makeup

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Note: Listening to Maroon 5’s new cd “Hands All Over”. BOMB CD BTW! This is the look for the Greek Goddess Costume I made a few weeks ago. If you take away the falsies and the glitter it’s a pretty wearable look. I am more excited about the bouncy spiral curls though! Greek Goddess Costume: www.youtube.com Bohemian Beach Hair with Extensions: www.youtube.com Makeup Stuff: Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette Provided by BeautyChoice.com 24 K Gold Shadow Provided by GlitterSniffer on Etsy Physician’s Formula Eye Pop Gel Liner Provide by Physician’s Formula Lip Gloss from OPI Gold glitter From Sally Girl Glitter at Sally’s beauty supplies Lashes from Guo_Guo Shop on Ebay NYC Black Liner Eye Brow Pencil from some company in Vietnam that I don’t know the name of but I love to death and bless my mom for buying fifty of them. Blush Warm Lustre form Precriptives Hair Stuff: Cortex 4 in 1 provided by BeautyChoice.com Elastic from Goody Leaves from Michaels Hair clips from Hobby Lobby Bobby Pins from Wal-Mart Music: Wedding Dress Instrumental Twitter: www.twitter.com/ricesushi02 Blogspot: www.secretlifeofabionerd.blogspot.com Face Book Group: www.facebook.com Disclaimer: Products were purchased on my own unless stated otherwise. I will only give my honest opinion on products otherwise it will not be featured in my videos. I am much too lazy and too busy with school to lie about a product.


Product prices and availability are are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


Michelle Paw says:

thank you so much! i have an ancient civilization class and i was picked for team greece

Sims2lover173 says:

Can we trade hair? kthanks bye

8missJZ8 says:

i LOVE this song- wedding dress!

Tia12349 says:

your so pretty & talented

Martika Robertson says:

your super pretty and thanks so much for this video im using this look for prom!!!!!

Yuki Harada says:

OMGOODNESS!!! I think the background song is what BubzBeauty uses xD epic ps: Love your videos!!!!

TheAndyg1997 says:

I am doing this for eight grade celebration!!!!

Mialalalove says:

Taeyang wedding dress ♥

Chocolover248 says:

Taeyang ! <3 LOVE HIM 🙂

maggieheartsglitter2 says:

i have to do this wax museum thing on a greek goddess myn is Pandora. im defenitly doing this look!

mixedmamii713 says:


MichelleSidh says:

I <3 the song in the background 😀 Wedding Dress!

xingxingliu82 says:


FiaFranzon says:

How long does it take to curl your hair??????

HaveVoiceWillTravel says:

I just think it’s really funny how she’s listening to music the whole video.

katie0sborne says:

hey where did you get your gold leaves from?

MangoPear101 says:

She lives in Texas~

StarsAreFallingDown says:

She’s from Texas I think. Either that or New York.

tiffadorra says:

Oh My Goddess :) It’s Amazing ^^ !!!

chakachaka8 says:

wedding dress!! <3

roxy11191133 says:

Taeyang <3

Jessthebest700 says:

hair is lookin prtty good

shaelerina says:

great my mom found this useful and you both look beutiful

friendz906 says:

are you from Canada?

Lynn9Moody1970 says:

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idkausername11 says:


Lisa Brown says:

You are sooo pretty!!! I love this makeup tutorial! It was super helpful (:

priscilly98 says:

gorgeous :)

98Chummy says:

I love the hair!

jewels7011 says:

Thanks for uploading this and p.s. ur really pretty! soo doing this thanks! my little sister loves ur utube channel!

TheeLOSTfan101 says:

can we see you in a wedding dress? :)

chaotickitty34 says:


mjevaggelia says:

@camjgforever hahaha!a lot;P

hellokittyjn says:

PRETTY and Taeyang Wedding Dress lol

pa70049 says:

I Wish ur My Sister or Aunt So u could always Do my makeup & My hair .(:

Shaddowphax says:

If only I had the dexterous ability needed to create this look

mjevaggelia says:

I am from Greece!;) Greetings from Greece!!

MyApologiesMyLove says:

Hooray!! Thank you so much! I’m going to a toga party tomorrow so I definitely needed this! By the way, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who purses her lips when she looks into a mirror. People make fun of me for that all the time! Haha

yehjeaner says:


xxsparxterxx says:

Wow this is so pretty!

az54855 says:


AnniWoman says:

ti opa vre? 🙂 😀 afou isxiei….

anythingbutbeth says:

opa vre 🙂

AnniWoman says:

greece is everywhere 😀 i am greek 🙂 <3

tc123123 says:

i hear wedding dress in the background!

Msmetal2heart says:

wow you’re so pretty! i love your eyes!!!

HairandMakeup00 says:

I love all your videos i do most of you hairstyles to school! Your like me role model for hair and makeup of course 🙂 so if you would like visiting my page and leaving me a comment when i upload some videos! I will contact you when i upload some 🙂 Thanks and keep up the fabulous work!

XxGwenieThepoohxX says:

so pretty, what mascara was that?