Zombie Girl Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Ideas How To Use Face Paint for Wounds

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How To Do a Female Rotting Zombie face with bruises on hands and arms using make up kits including paper tissue. These face painting tips can work well for guys too! You can check out the Prom Queen Zombie, Goth, Punk, Skeleton and High School Horror Zombie – Cool!

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samantha wuest says:

da fuq?

merbethmango says:

This is awesome! I’m going to use your wound trick to make my own wounds on halloween instead of using cheap, plastic wounds that I got from a store! I’ve decided to dead version of Mimi Marquez from RENT for Halloween 🙂

wings72954361 says:

this is awesome!!!!

FutureBigStars says:

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kate12613 says:

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ellain121 says:

Omg that’s really good. I think I might try :D

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swank12ful says:

make more this is great!!!!

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Thank you for getting right to the point. I Love it.

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vzwjott says:

Nice Tutorial that really helped

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