Toralei Stripe Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween or Cosplay

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Emma shows you to do your costume makeup like Toralei Stripe from Monster High. Emma is one of YouTube’s Youngest Makeup Gurus at only 8 years old. Products Used: I’ll update this here in a bit OUR LINKS: OURPLAYLISTS All of Emma’s Beauty/Makeup tutorials YouTube’s youngest makeup guru! Started at 6 years old, she is learning how to apply makeup and teaching you at the same time. See her mishaps and successes! KittiesMama Weekly Family Vlogs These are all our vlogs so far, listed in order from the first through the most recent. This is so you can just start from the beginning, sit back and watch all of them in order. KittiesMama Skits and Shorts All of kittiesmama’s skits and short videos! MUSIC USED IN VIDEO: Orion Bells by Terepin Released under Creative Commons Attribution license 3.0

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larissa larissa says:


XXSamuraixBurgerXX says:

We have some halloween in Thailand , I being toralei stripe which mommy Is doing for mee

jadegrant911 says:

your dad did a great job on the wig wait y is he doing wigs xD

4partyrockingsryy says:

@diplowolf you just chill the little girl is trying to have fun, its not like she wearing it to school, shes just show us how to do the look calm ur titts!

4partyrockingsryy says:

yo its not like she wearing it to school shes just doing a tutorial to teach people how to do this!! CHILL!!

avaloustars says:

Omg ur soo good

villot2412 says:

i love these vids me and my mates tried we were rubish we had an epic fail so we just stuck to watching u

bba4483 says:


bba4483 says:

just let her have fun. and if you dont like these videos then go away.

ShannaGirlWubsYou says:

No, they’re letting her have fun. It will wash off. Just chill dude.

nikkinik110403 says:


Harry Styles says:

tat girl has more makeup then i do, and im 11

Chubbybunny1964 says:

Follow us on tweeter. LMAO

Aurora9683 says:

how old are you?

bethany cully says:

thumbs up if ya think she looks like snookie

inopanda45xlz says:


Victoria Foster says:

So adorable for an 8 yr old. This one makes you look 13 I love it! I might do this one for Halloween!

amara18izawesome says:

Lol 4:26

mrshornant says:

love it keep it up do avril lavingh thums up if agree

Seda Dincer says:

that’s too over the top!

Seda Dincer says:

Oh my God you’re so young and put makeup on you!

galina khachaturova says:

I love ur videos!!!! So MuCh!!!!!☺☺☺☺

Roy4lCoco4 says:

Have you forgot that there are makeup kitts for little girls?I think that`s where she started from.

antonio paramo says:


mjgoone1109 says:

you look so much older in the thumbnails.

abyjesualy says:

Love mi son

Missineitikissa says:

2% Toralei

Szilver012 says:

i think she sould go to the garden and play with the dog…..