Scarah Screams Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Cosplay or Halloween ComicCon 2012

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Emma shows you how to do your costume / cosplay makeup like Scarah Screams the special edition doll from Monster High for Comic Con 2012. Special Thank you to ★dms_a_jem★ on flickr for allowing us to use her images! Emma is one of YouTube’s Youngest Makeup Gurus at only 8 years old. Products Used: I’ll update this here in a bit OUR LINKS: OURPLAYLISTS All of Emma’s Beauty/Makeup tutorials YouTube’s youngest makeup guru! Started at 6 years old, she is learning how to apply makeup and teaching you at the same time. See her mishaps and successes! KittiesMama Weekly Family Vlogs These are all our vlogs so far, listed in order from the first through the most recent. This is so you can just start from the beginning, sit back and watch all of them in order. KittiesMama Skits and Shorts All of kittiesmama’s skits and short videos! MUSIC USED IN VIDEO: Royalty Free Music by

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The90Kitty says:

Please do a Robecca Steam one!

NastiaKogatko1 says:


Pandapuffchannel says:

do u have the doll emma???

Aiden Water says:

This is so cool 🙂

2l28DRAIN says:

I have that same pillow pet! ;~;

Mar John says:

You are awesome

littlestpetshopemma says:

I have the same name as u!

galina khachaturova says:

Love how u look Emma!!!!!

drawingnetwork101 says:

Can u do like a vampire look like not draculara but like a regular vamp?

evelyn soto says:

i love your tutoriol

Rebekkah Meekis says:

Dis like me your not cute your trying to bd cute

earthbiscuit64 says:


FuzzyDucky809 says:

3:23 she flared her nose haha

11ladylori says:

Great job!

Isabelly Ishibashi says:

I love Make Upp Emma

Aliyah Mbia says:

i love you kitties mama

princessbc77 says:

ur soooo cute

bree sanders says:

i would never put all that stuff on my face it would be hard to get off

flynch357 says:

awwwww you are soooo cute!!!

kailynn fowler says:

yo SO cute!!!!! but i can do a little better O_o

amisumati says:

du machst das ssauu gut mit dem make -up daumen hoch 😀

jaima benner says:

You are so FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FunkyAGDStudios says:

u mean 1,114,632

lakergurl247 says:

You are adorable!! Just too cute!!!

mamasavellaneda says:

Just to cute! ^.^

Nunya Bizznitch says:

That was the best banshee scream ever!

MrGunsnroses666 says:

I love your voice!

ricardo javier says:


madyrox54321 says:

Oh my lawd cuteness overload

minapusen says:

Soo Cute! Im a BIG fan of your make up tutorials ann YOU!!!

JessalynnAndLiannix3 says:

She’s going to be a makeup artist when she grows up thumbs up if you think so!

monster high says:

i will prob use this 4 halloween XDD

Eiza Fan says:

1103366 views O.O

Cupcakelover1066 says:

Cool and cute she’s like a professional and better than some of the other people on YouTube

12345howard12345 says:

nice wig

msbeautybuddy says:

Her hair is so cute before she puts the wig on.