Creative Hairstyles: Concert, Party, Halloween

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The reason I called this “versitile Halloween hair” is because you can do this hair for a good costume or evil costume depending on the way you style it! its very fun crazy and could even be whimsical if you curled it instead of flat ironed it. Hope this helps! Things Used: Rat tail comb Bobby Pins Hair tie Flat iron Big sexy hair spray Check out my other profiles!! BLOG: TWITTER: FORMSPRING: Disclaimer: I didnt get anything for free in this video, I’m not affiliated, and it’s my honest opinions


0544027522 says:

Islamic religion

ninny2385 says:


YummYp00p says:

I have such thick hair and heavy since it’s long, it always gets flat 5 min. after blowdrying already. It’s nice for a sleeker hairstyle sometimes, but teasing just completes most looks for me. Thank god for teasing <3

CandyAppleHideaway says:

Cool would it be weird if I wore this to school but without the messy ratnest in the back and just left it as a ponytail in the back cuz I think it would be cute

MsJaceS says:

okay… stop talking and do it already…

ExtremeRegret955 says:

oh my gosh! i love it!! i would do my hair like this every single day! Your hairs beautiful!

ElizabethVoe7 says:

Thank you!!

EsmeraldaMontanez says:


Pabyscreativa says:

It is super cool!! Love it!! Love it .love it. !!!

PiggieTheDinosaur says:

OMG this would look super cool(er) if you sprayed a section of your poof white like frankensteins bride o:

Silja Hanna Guðmundsdóttir says:

Love it!!!!

julia vella says:

i love it can’t wait for my hair to grow so i can do it

ElizabethVoe7 says:

urr superrr prettty an i love your hairr is backcombing the same as teasing?

BitterApple87 says:

I love it!

Gaby Delcristo says:

Say iphone 5 times
Post in two videos

Now look under your pillow(s)

Faith Howard says:

I just did this on my hair!

Meerah Wright says:

i did this hairstyle and wore it to school one day and got a lot of comments,including from my mom.THANK YOU!!

hellokity551 says:

I back comb my hair everyday and its fine

rystalka07 says:

Somehow the subtitles got turned on and I am dying laughing…..When she says “brand new type bobby pins it captions it to “Sorely like brand new tiny pumpkins” and everything else is so botched it’s hilarious

MsHoneyBBQ says:

i think this look is great! for halloween tho? i’m so wearing this to work tomorrow! 😛

insidemeee says:

can you please speak not so fast 🙂

14Annu14 says:

how many bobby pins did you use ?

dinomustache14 says:

i always like every day back comb my hair and as long as you dont really use super harsh stuff on your hair its not ruined my hair is healthy… but my hair is like my baby so… i pay wayyyy too much attention to it…and i dont use expensive hair products and flat iron my hair every day! so yeah it doesnt ruin yor hair if your careful

anderlane0212 says:


rssvlm says:

she is trying to explain how to do it what is she going to do shut up n say nothin ??? and if you sont like it well dont comment

Laurel Bey says:

i really love this!

debodrumsitck27 says:

I’m doing this for crazy hair day next week. I actually don’t think the style is TOO crazy but I doubt anyone else will have rocker styled hair x]

choco2300 says:

1:30 start

RecklessReality3716 says:

So backcombing and teasing are the same thing?

123magooster says:


BrookePaigeLove says:

I didn’t know teasing hurt your hair ? That’s weird . I tease mine alot and it doesn’t seem to bother mine .

carahamelie03 says:

thank you! finally someone that doesnt freak out over a little back combing! 🙂

VintageCupcake1985 says:

Like she said, this hair style has been inspired by high fashion editorial looks, which requires lots of backcombing. She also said that it’s one time a year so that much backcombing isn’t going to be too harsh on your hair, this is meant to be more of a costume look. I don’t know why people take everything so literally. I thought it looked pretty cool!

SmileLOLZawsum says:

Pause this at 0:38.

anderlane0212 says:

So much talking. Go straight to the tutorial and talk while doing it.

phosphoruscolors says:

this brings childhood memories.

25sexymel says:

i would do my hair like that at any time of year 😛 that’s awesome

Jess207100 says:

U talk more than doing your hair .. ……….

blueberryskull91 says:

definitle will do this hair style for my 21st bday coming up. Thanks!

demonique817dt says:

Love it

LovieeShufflez says:

Dang , Bro ! WAYYYY Too Much Teasing For Me ! Lol . It’s Pretty Though (:

LobitaRosa7 says:

DEAD ZOMBIE, no way !!! hahahahaha !!!!

CutePoem says:

on the first picture you REALLY look like Summer Glau !

maronarnaut11 says:


Magnettomusic says:

Is that your shower curtain behind you?