4 Legged Stilt Costumes – Handmade

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READ BELOW FOR MATERIAL INFO TO MAKE COSTUME!!! We made 4 legged stilt costumes for halloween. We call them stilt spirits for lack of a better name. Mine has extra large medical crutches on the arms which make it really great for your back. Very comfy! Circus peg stilts for the legs (custom made by thespinsterz.com). Garen used dry wall stilts for his legs. They are mainly made of upholstery foam (it comes in a big roll for chair cushions) and fabric. Surprisingly easy to make. We were inspired by the Frouds who made the Landstriders in the Dark Crystal. They have seen them in person and love them! We were also inspired by Miyazaki. Feel free to ask any questions if you’re making a similar costume and need advice. Video belongs to me. Music is “The Ghost Inside” which belongs to Broken Bells. Great song.


mfwicTangWay says:

I have a question I just realized this morning… how do you strap your feet/legs into the silts with the foam/fabric already on the costume? Is there a opening that you made or do you just dig your hands down in there and figure it out LOL

mfwicTangWay says:

You guys are amazing… I just finished buying all my supplies to build this! I was inspired by going to Dragon Con in Atlanta a few weeks ago and wanted to have an amazing costume for next year. My other motive was to have it done by halloween in hopes of winning some costume contests in this sleeping town to pay my way for the Con next year (and my costume!) So far I am at about $190 and can see another $30-40 in the picture. 🙂

Vanhowlsing says:

Thanks. I tried walking on the dry-wall stilts without crutches and it was OK until my feet decided they’d prefer to do a bit of Irish dancing so I sat back down again as quick as possible 🙂

I live in a small town in Hants UK and the stilt walker is not something most have seen. Last year I wore my Stormtrooper suit which gave the kids and parents a good photo op (so many closet StarWars fans!) but I think the stilt walker is going to offer a little something to remember also! Thanks again

GeneralTampon says:

you are very welcome! thank you so much for watching! i just posted some comments about the making of them and how comfy and easy they are. 🙂 the first test run was literally the first time i had ever walked in them. they are SO easy to use. the way i get on my stilts is sit on a HIGH table or counter and put the legs on. then i lean forward on the crutches and walk. i’m hoping to post a vid soon on how to get in the costume, but i’ve been so busy lately. 🙁

GeneralTampon says:

to sew the upholstery foam use yarn instead of thread. thread will only rip through your foam. the black things you see on the foam in the beginning are regular large buttons. you need buttons to keep your knots from tearing through the foam. i got my mask at joann’s fabrics. millenial medical crutches i bought online. stilts i got from thespinsterz. i highly recommend getting circus peg stilts vs drywall stilts. peg stilts are much safer to walk up ramps or hills.

GeneralTampon says:

the costume is incredibly comfy, but i spent money on stilts and crutches that i knew wouldn’t hurt me over time. my back never hurts. the foam shell on the back is attached to a hoodie to create the arch. no i won’t sell my costume. it wouldn’t fit anyone but me. my pants and hoodie in this thing are an XS. my size 6 shoes are on the inside. so you would need to be a tiny girl to wear mine. hoping to get a tutorial up soon to show you the parts and pieces to make your own.

GeneralTampon says:

hey everyone! sorry i haven’t posted a tutorial yet. i’ve been traveling a lot. to answer a few frequent questions, by stilts were 2 feet tall, the crutches were 64″ i believe, the upholstery foam i bought in rolls at wal-mart it was about 1″ thick. the whole costume ran us between $300 to $500. it took us a month to make. i could walk on my stilts instantly. in the video the first test run was the first time i had ever worn them.

Vanhowlsing says:

(Phew!) Thanks, that’s great to know. Good luck with your build. Thanks again to Melissa and Garen for posting this vid and to saralicht’s video “Building the Stiltwalker Costumes” as I’ve now got half a clue as to how to get up off the floor !! 🙂

TheMrgiraffe says:

Will message you my email, thanks for the reply! 🙂

MrPeterMX1 says:

this is crazy! :D

Shagy Fergany says:

That’s Cool

dotinthedirt1 says:

thumbs up if those things scared you when you were a kid

gabder100 says:

increible,me gustaron mucho…felicitaciones.

MaximumRider1 says:

Seeing as though that the forearms stilts are longer than the legs… can you tell me how much longer they are? I LOVE these, I cant believe those idiots “Its a robot!” Ugh. Haha, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, and Im STEALING it for my halloween 😀 Thanks so much! 😀 Oh yea and how tall WERE the stilts?

Sarah Hansen says:

how tall were the stilts and the crutches?

LOLimNyarlathotep says:

They are actually not that difficult to walk in, I’m also making one…and I was able to learn in a couple of days with no experience. It should take practice to learn to maneuver quickly in them though.

multitechwalker says:

наверное замучилась так ходить 🙂

Vanhowlsing says:

Hi, I’m part of a local community group that organises a Halloween & Fireworks event for our town & I want to make one of your Walkers. Have dry-wall stilts and some underarm crutches (5’1″ – 5’9″ adjustable) coming but do I need to be compentent stilt-walker to pull this off ?!!?? I’ve no experience of stilt-walking and am hoping that, with the underarm crutches, I’ll be able to walk without simply face-planting in the middle of the road !! lol.

eclips156 says:

amazing costumes omg! 8D
so creepy looking, I love it! c:

Shasari Lion says:

Cool stuff! You aught to come to a Furry convention to take part in the costume parade – I’m sure you’d be popular!

GhettoTilliDae says:

man i would be down to scare the shit out of ppl at night with this

dragontatoodeadlyzen says:

great costumes!! very original … LOL best Buzz light year ever

PJ Hebert says:

Totally make a business with this!

Jesse Coyote says:

beautiful! looks like a lot of work, and a lot of brainstorms and mabe a sun exploded and you guys got to soak up all the good inspiration- you lucky kids! im pretty sure this took alot more than watching jim henson films to make. keep creating wonders!!!!!!!!!!!! not that you need people to tell you that or anything else anyways! heck yeah- amazing—aaAaArrrrRghhhh!!…!./

snatchback90 says:

Did you get the idea from the movie THE DARK CRYSTAL ????

Devon J says:

Wonder how they got downtown to walk around? Can’t imagine you could sit in a car with that on.

Devon J says:

Got stilts and crutches. Need foam, gauze, I wonder what those large black round things are that are holding the foam together? And the antlers? on the top of the costume?

woody91gsx says:

$80 FS. But they’re no longer sold on there. That was 2 years ago.

Devon J says:

Oh, you already bought yours,, you won’t need another set from ebay. 🙂

woody91gsx says:

Free shipping was my reason on Amazon.

Devon J says:

Perfect! Thanks… Also, You can get stilts from ebay cheaper than Amazon.

woody91gsx says:

I got 1″ from JoAnn Fabric, but that crap is expensive. Try WalMart as she states in the original comments. FYI, JoAnn charges something like $17.99 ft – but I got two rolls on sale. Still expensive, but 1″ should give enough foundation to the form.

Devon J says:

Hey, Thanks! I’ll check them out. Any idea what the thickness is on the upholstery? See it several places on internet, but unable to tell how thick it needs to be to stand up like that.

woody91gsx says:

Get your drywall stilts off Amazon. Mine were stupid cheap. I’m looking for extra tall crutches – looking like Walgreens carries them. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Devon J says:

Friggin Awesome! I want to do that this Halloween! Absolutely Amazing. You guys are so creative. Not sure I can pull it off, but I’m going to try. Wouldn’t pay for the stilts from the website, and I suspect the arm crutches are muy expensive. (How much were they?)
Thanks for sharing,

conquerplayaa says:

I would scare ppl haha

bubbles02010 says:

are you able to sit down? it must be hard not having your hands free.

bubbles02010 says:

that is the coolest costume i’ve ever seen !

hyperflexharrington5 says:

Very inspirational. Probably put this on the list of next years builds. Thanks for posting.

WolfintheMirror says:

I’m in love! <3

123gamefreaksful says:

reminds me of the dead space brute