How to make perfect Princess Leia hair

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Make a perfect Princess Leia costume. Make buns with socks inside. Even thin hair can work! Leia halloween costume. Princess Leah


OfficialOpinion says:

I am a guy… I plan to do this for school!

PuffingLust says:

You guys rock. 

uzunarugoku says:

Eric Foreman.

1212awsomeface says:

wow i didn’t no that it was that simple 2 do the hair style!

margo stein says:


12jprichards says:

Now see, I always thought it was done by dividing the hair in half, and rolling in up, and around, in a coil…this seems easier 😛

MtnDewFreakkk says:

Since its may 4th
I am DEFF doing this

lovelaughgirl98 says:

It’s May the 4th… I’m definately doin this… :)

kelliphoenix89 says:


scarlett25ohara says:

This is brilliant! So going to try it!

fitfranco says:

That look cool I’m 8


NO!! so much faster to do this in a snap with our invention!!! Cinnamon Bun hair!!

MrOnTheWalk says:


erikabarbie18 says:

yo dawg, i heard you like socks, so i put a sock inside of a sock so you can use a sock while you use a sock

Yamika says:

This is so amazing… XD That will save me the trouble of buying extensions, thank you!

lafilleindigo says:

OMG this is so easy! Great idea with the socks!

scorchedcandy says:

Lol! The socks are funny but a good idea. It really worked 🙂

abrickhouse3 says:

Thanks! I have the wig but I’m considering using my own hair. Great vid!

aoinohi says:

Very nicely done.

kmb383 says:

Awesome! Thanks for the tip!!

14kDiamonds says:

I put socks inside socks cause immma boss

MsLanakins says:

whoa, that’s totally genius.

zilam98 says:

where did you find the belt?

sunlover5000 says:

nice job!

eakooffire says:

OOOooh U sneaky! Gosh this is something I never thought about doing before. 5*

fiveashby88 says:

Tip Update: I did this to my own hair and it worked MUCH better to roll UP and spread the hair down. Not sure why we didn’t think of that in the first place.

LilShawty29O5O9 says:


ia0722 says:

Inception sock! O.O

TheShazka says:

fantastic ideas, worked perfectly for my daughters hair and we didn’t have a white bathrobe so used a men’s white blouse backwards which worked a treat. Thanks

khyron62 says:

great! I always asked myself how to do it! thanks a lot! by the way you are really gorgeous girls 🙂

iRegie says:

all i have to say is GENIUS! haha 😀

11Distraction11 says:

lol THANKS!!

123victoriamarie says:

Where do you get those rolly things that looklike socks,or are they socks? Can you do this hairstyle with short, thick, curly hair?Thanks.

sumrrae says:

This was the best help… Had to do a costume at the last minute, and it was a miracle to going this video ! Thank you

ana85ing says:

Very good idea!! You’re awesome!

LuthyMuthy says:

My hair is TOO thiCK D;

GermanPeoplePerson says:

wow great video! helped me loads! thank you thank you~

EmiliyD says:

Great idea, both hair and bathrope!!!
I thought the hair doing would be much more work, but its so quick and really looks like in the film!