Aging -Old Age Theatrical Make-up, part 1

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Part 2 Aging is so much fun, weather its for Halloween, costume partys, or thearter. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Mine certanly isn’t. Be bold and play around 🙂 All of the paints I used are from the Kryolan Supracolour 12 col B palette Please note that I have NOT brought from this site, so I cannot vouch for it. Music by DJ Krush


MegaBeautyGirls101 says:

Can u imagine going to school wearing this x

MistiqueMakeup says:

Aw thanks! He’s pretty awesome hey 🙂

SOSydneytheDork says:

You’re boyfriend is handsome and reminds me of a prince 🙂

jenny c says:

whats up with the filter you added making everything look all jerky… so distracting from your makeup lesson!

AccidentallyAwesome8 says:

Lol what a good boyfriend

MsWhatintheworldis says:

YES I HAVE KRYOLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

musicalgal7 says:

no, its to harsh on the skin and would show up to much. you want to be able to have a charcoal like colour or black or brown and have a highlight colour to work in those harsher lines

superbob96 says:

Would wet eyshadow work the same?

Pacmanghost says:

NICE now I’ll never get carded again!

MistiqueMakeup says:

He is very good to me! glad you like it 🙂

MistiqueMakeup says:

lol I am from kiwiland, but i have been traveling around alot in the last 4 years so my accent is a bit barsterdised now! hehe
Ummm i’m not sure sorry, try lookin’ em up on traid me or ebay, otherwise just google it. There is bound to be somewhere that will sell it if you can find a theatrical supply store, or maybe on line. If all else fails you can get it from overseas, but you will have to pay more for shipping. good luck!

OhSoKimmie says:

Your tutorials are great! Thanks (:

You sound like a New Zealander (sorry if you’re not. haha). Do you know where I could find Kryolan makeup in NZ?

555Stefy says:

That was fantastic, and your sweetheart seems so patient.

MistiqueMakeup says:

They are so expensive its rediculacle (sorry spelling) and then getting a visa so that I can study here on top of it. *sigh* I’ll have to wait untill I win Lotto before I can do it I guess lol

HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

Wow, that’s amazing. That is one of my all time favorite musicals. I’ve been fortunate enough to see it live in Toronto 🙂 I wish I could do more as well. There is a makeup school I want to go to called Complections, but its like 20,000 for their comprehensive course including the full kit 🙁

MistiqueMakeup says:

Nope I haven’t been to school (makeup school that is hehe) I would kill do, but there is no way I can afford it 🙁

I did a short day course with Tania Norr on theatrical make-up a few months ago. She is the head make-up artist on Phantom Of The Opera in London. Amazing to learn from 🙂
But that’s all I’ve ever done. wish I could do more!

MistiqueMakeup says:

Fanks :)

MistiqueMakeup says:

It’s a great palette you can do so much with it! And Grease paint last’s such a long time too 🙂

HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

This is amazing. I want to get into more theatre/tv/ film makeup so this is great. Did you go to school to learn how to do this type of makeup?

I also need to get my hands on some Kryolan. Can you only buy it online?

tomatoesNketchup says:


claire0147 says:

Can’t wait for part 2 ! I really need to buy some Kryolan stuffs.