Witch Doctor Makeup Tutorial

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Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla, bing bang!! Voodoo zulu nation witch doctor tribal warrior… or something like that! I got the long barbell from here www.painfulpleasures.com You can just get the beads from a craft store. rayx2 had a good idea: you can glue small magnets on each bead and then they will attach to each other inside the nose. Halloween requests: halloween@petrilude.com General Emails & requests: josh@petrilude.com Professional, business, or media inquires: media@petrilude.com


Kaylee212723 says:

I love the ooh eee ooh ahh ting tang walla walla bing bang in the video description

idmonkeysrule says:

They use the mask 4 rituals and their belifs… Lol not 4 birth but tht is a rlly goo md guess

satojoko says:

Very bloody well done. Looks similar to a Maori design. Really love tribal-type designs. Would love to see this done from head to toe. It would make a wicked costume for many uses.

XxalicenajxX says:

I thin you end up looking like a kitty-cat ^_^
It’s awesome though.

CosmoHut says:

Thank you for the great tutorial! I found a lot more good ones at cosmohut. This site has lots of material and categories and I have a lot of these, unfinished makeup tutorials that I film and I edit and I end up never liking. i am sure you would like it!

MyDearRazorBlade says:

When i had my septum pierced everybody told me i shouldve gotten a long one like that lol

doodleyyy says:

@augster13 please take you bull poopy somewhere else- nobody wants to see you complaining on a good video.

augster13 says:


Kiss my arrogent faggit ass.

My family endorsed you, before Andy or Hovencamp?

fuck your chubby.

your lover forever

XmusicmeisterX says:

ugh. you’re so beautiful. <3

xXRazorbladeSmilesXx says:

My septum piercing actually is that thick lol

WhitneyJeanXO says:

You have the best tutorials!

1691christian says:

this looks so good on you i wanna do this

teceyS3 says:

Loved this tutorial- i wanna be a witch doctor :)))

teddybear341 says:

I got an industrial because of you and i love it so much :33 <3

TheMiRaNdAElAiNE12 says:

9:19 feather in the back(:

Gurozola09 says:

Omg you look like one of those creepy guys in King Kong with that makeup and the bone! love ur tuts -3

2248mickey says:

I love u. Ur so entertaining and not like “ehh ur so gay but funny” entertaining. I’m just fascinated with how ur mouth moves when you talk and ur facial expressions ^_^

SuperNonBeliever says:

Are those your natural cheekbones? :O <3

nikodoll13 says:


Noylicious66 says:

I LOVE your cheek bones.

memileyNTHEPINKYOSHI says:

guy your so weird LMFAO

ViviForShort says:

@xAdorkable15 ohh the irony! “your act like it” bahahah.

xAdorkable15 says:

@URxTeKToNiiKz5555 are you mentally challenged? because your act like it

tschuju says:

ehm do you think he just pushed the septum through his nose during the tutorial or what xD

GiftOfGlamour says:

“now that i have the creamy colour all over..” tehe made me giggle
…i am ashamed…

mzvintage91 says:

gawd! you are so adorable!!

coyotecrow4 says:

I was thinking the same thing… I’d have to sneeze ALL THE TIME!!

crazyp3rs0n says:

YOu are so adorable!!!!

blondewarrior97 says:

So, is your septum peirced?

EmInEmThEbEsTrApPeR1 says:

when he has just the white stuff and the dark concealer on he looks like a cow. lol but great look tho…

Courtney Binns says:

I told the witch doctor I was in love with youuuuuuu

kaseyb says:

ur eyes r so beautiful

gothbabii188 says:

ooh e ooh ah ah……

Kiwiims says:

This is my favourite tutorial evver !! ; D

pinkfuzzie123 says:

haha hes brown nosing it haha
jk this is such a great look i wish id seen this before halloween i was a cave/tribal girl

Hana Marie says:

so original!

xXDomoObsessionXx says:

Omg yeah!!!

juicycoutureloverrrr says:

lol i love you

jessieNmike87 says:

I freaking adore you! I love watching your videos cause you’re so CUTE! 😀

Dušan Poljak says:

8:08 I kinda like that half smudged look even more.

Shiree Espinoza says:

the ad with the kidand the cars is annoying 😮