My Halloween Costume – Frank Iero

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Heelo My Pumpkin Pies! I Havent Done A Video Of Just Me In A While As I Have Had My Best Friend Lauren Roberts Round My House, So I Though Id Give You An Idea On What Im Wearing For Halloween! I Love My Chemical Romance THAT Much. Beat That. – FayLording:)


DanniRoseMCR says:

I dressed as Gerard Way from the Helena video for halloween 🙂

MuseChemicalRomance says:

Check out my video if you want to see what it was like:D

MuseChemicalRomance says:

My Chemical Romance for the EMA’s!!!!!!!

SkyForeverGalaxy says:

Frank is my favorite :D! Lucky. I wanted to be Fun Ghoul or Party Poison but my dad said no

MuseChemicalRomance says:

Yes that’s Jesus.
It’s okay, i’ll teach the IERO WAYs (see what i did there: Iero… WAYs. Hell yeah chemeecal)

FayLordingg says:

Is That Jesis?? … I Dont Even Know Anymore.

MuseChemicalRomance says:

YAY! you finaly made one without me!!!!!!!
*High 5s and misses*
*Lands on the floor and groans*
I wont be needed my fake blood for halloween anymore… :(