Slutty Halloween Costumes

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Close I’m all for a good Halloween trampy Halloween costume, ladies. But can’t we be just a little more…CREATIVE about it? Sexy Nemo, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine? WTH? The costume industry has run out of ideas. It’s hopeless, there’s nothing left. If you’re gonna do slutty something random, do it yourself. It’ll be really funny that way. Or, just wear a snuggie.


macylebunny says:

OMG I’d love to be the ninja turtle one xD

milkybabee says:

If you had blonde hair you would look just like mellisa Joan hart

gangurogeisha says:

At about 2:11 is what is commonly known as a “sex kitten” costume, in case you couldn’t tell from the cat ears.

TheHyenaKing says:

y costumes. ya eye make-up style is slutty enuff.
all the time. not only halloween.

lola11926 says:

that was slutty lady gaga

assassinsforeternity says:

I want your tits

urion43 says:

I hate how so many girls make Halloween about being a slut. And I am a straight guy. The girls who have a funny costume or something creative are a billion times cooler.

kissbug100 says:

ikr teenagers dress like strippers

latoyaglam says:

Lady gaga

Alex82497 says:

1:17 it’s lady gaga from her paparazzi performance from about 2 years ago.

SarahJenJack says:

I saw a 5th grader dressed as slutty Alice in Wonderland…………..

cantfiteveryheart says:

Love this song!

Webcampod says:

That slutty army girl was my sister…

TheBoobiesNYC says:

these boobies should also be on the video hahahaha watch?v=Gxey60WxZMc I LOVE NYC!! People are crazy

swimlikenemo3 says:

umm…excuse me. i was the Nemo that you spoke of this year, and i wasnt slutty. And no one kicked me in the shins, thank you, very much.

Ben Warren says:

i love your eyes:)

kkKaylea says:

wow i have the exact blue ninja turtle costume… haha woops

nunoyobiznis says:

its cheaper cause they cut of like a yard of fabric 😉

magiccandykiller says:

I saw a frigging Penis and Gynocologist costume what has the world come to

mewithoutyou13 says:

you’re fuckin dumd!

Smil3GiggleLov3 says:

LOL I’m gonna be a crayon, but not the slutty one. I’m gonna be the regular version.. it makes me mad how the slutty one was cheaper.. ): it’s annoying

bgriff087 says:

1:13 Lady Gaga?

bobbyewing311 says:

slutty crayon makes sense. it gets used a lot

iTzJuniorOT says:

Huh… Thought halloween was a day for kids to dress up as scary monster to go out and get some candy … Scary …scaaaary some girl told me its tradition for a girl to dress slutty… When the fuck did this tradition start?

slaale says:

haahhaha i love you!

ladycubanamexicana18 says:

thankyou! finally found someone who aggrees with me, im 21 and i HATE slutty costumes..theres no point, you can look sexy fully covered and dressed i wanna be the lady that stands out, so if im not wearing a slutty costume and make one of my own and acctually be creative..then hey im all for it :) hate sluts..girls need to learn to respect themselves..sluts make real women like me look so bad!!!

maggiemoo2222 says:

I HAVE one of the costumes you said was stupid! And how is a army girl sexy in real life?

aleesha83 says:


AmazingMegafoneMan says:

U should try a slutty  nun just cuz its funny