Mime Make-Up Tutorial

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My Halloween costume!!! 🙂 I was planning this since the beginning of the year. The idea just hit me and stuck. The actual look took about 1 hour and a half, including time to get dressed and having to start my eyes over again because the diamonds didn’t work. I didn’t pull inspiration from any 1 specific look, but rather many pictures and videos I have seen about mimes. Most of them are in my favorites, so (if you have patience), look through them to see some other tutorials. Or just type “Mime” into the search bar. :-p All the products I used can be found at CVS, a drugstore, or a halloween store. For any specific questions about products or my costume please message me or comment below. ENJOY!!! 🙂


DuelingOwnage says:

damn id love to fuck you while you were in that mime costume

MidhunterGr says:

I`m gonna Try it oh and…
She`s Hot. xD

randumbtimes3 says:

i liq how ur n individual

BunnyRabbitD says:

I got the white make up from a costume store. Party city would probably have it. Mimes do have lines on their eyes, and sometimes even painted tears, etc. However, my liquid liner wasn’t really cooperating with me that day, and, as I have really deep set eyes, the lines would have just looked strange on me.

BunnyRabbitD says:

Thanks! I used 2 coats of the cream make up and 1 coat of the white grease make up. You can use however many coats you want, but I found the cream make up on its own was really thin and wasn’t as opaque as I wanted. It was also pretty streaky, which is why I used the grease makeup and a powder puff to get an even texture and color. Hope that helped. 🙂

aqua195 says:

Hey great video:).! Question How many of the base white make up did you use? And would it be okay if I just used that coat of make up?. 😮

panda1lee says:

love your make up!but were do you get the wiht make up???o and me too I m being a mime for halloween and don’t mimes have 2 lines 1 at the top and botton?

BunnyRabbitD says:

Thank you! I actually got the shirt back in 2009 from Urban Outfitters. Hope that helps, and best of luck!

AmberLovesYou922 says:

I cant find a black and white shirt anywhere ! where did you get yours? and i love this tutorial! u did a good job!

TheKrupax says:

I’m doing this, tight clothing, spray painted jeans and shoes, getting fake blood all over a white shirt and doing the mime thing with a chelsea smile
scare children fckyeah!

BunnyRabbitD says:

I’m glad you found it helpful! 🙂 Break a leg!

xRainbowInTheNightx says:

So I’m playing a mime in our school play, and I had no idea what to do.
This is probably the best make up tutorial for mime make up that I found. Thank you so much!

BunnyRabbitD says:

aw thank you! I’m glad I could help. 🙂

plopper123 says:

lol ur rly cute and this is a gr8 vid. im gonna be a mime for purim and i’m usin ur makeup tutorial

maxie9048 says:

i am sorry but i just got to tell you this i think you are very beautiful

mymiddlenameisstupid says:

Sry for tht

mymiddlenameisstupid says:

I reely luved ur tutorial wats next hope u make another vid see ya ur cute too:) srry for this but headphones d-_-b k bye again u r so cute xoxo

BunnyRabbitD says:

So many questions! I used “Professional Make-Up Cream” and just some standard white cream make-up. Both can be found at CVS or party city around halloween. The tubed white make-up eventually dries, but its still blendable. The second one remains creamy, so you need a white or translucent setting powder to make sure it doesn’t run. It did take a while to wash everything off my face, but I don’t think it wasn’t too difficult considering I was wearing 3 layers of white face make-up. 🙂

xeonem says:


What make up or paint did you used? Does the paint dry on your face or remains wets? Is it hard to wash?

Nickolas Flatley says:

ur cute

Rixardxcore says:

muy buen tutorial :), y la mima ta mas rica (baba) 1313


DullRainbows says:

Lovely Tutorial!

holasoyloca says:

nice video!
im doing this for a photo
show some love to our vids

BunnyRabbitD says:

Thank you! 🙂

geishastace says:

great mime video…My husband was done as a mime for Halloween. He went with an Austin Powers costume but your mime makeup is Fanastic!

BunnyRabbitD says:

Thank you! :-)

PremiereHorseMovies says: