How to make Lady Gaga Diamonds from Poker Face

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This is how I made the diamonds that Lady Gaga wears on her shoulder & hip on the Poker Face video. It’s for a Halloween costume. You can download the diamond pattern & see the entire costume how-to from my blog at:


TwinBeats87 says:

lol 2:32 she said “stunnin with my love glue gunnin’ “ c: simple joys in life :p

PlayWithLifeNicole says:

OMG and thank you so much!! Now, I wonder what my mom will think when I ask for a hot glue gun0.0

PlayWithLifeNicole says:

If anyone is planning on being Lady Gaga for Halloween, I would suggest actually going into Hot Topic like, i dunno, two days before Halloween? I got my wig there for $3.00!!

cinthiafromsaopaulo says:

I love it ;D

VillaKaulitz says:

I love it! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

annadodik says:

what did you used to put it on the dress?

lightmoonsea says:

Thank you for the tutorial !!!!!!!!!

Originalibyali says:

i made this same costume but instead of paper i cut diamonds of Styrofoam!

keepingmyeyesshut says:

Am going as lady gaga for a friend’s fancy dress party and this is perfect! I wanted a costume that was cheap and that covered my legs more than the usual gaga look haha XD

mjsmanschmidt says:

haha lady gaga for halloween… yea she scares me too

15fofo says:

thank you very much i really appreciate it (: thanks for the link for the diamond pattern & your tutorial.

ilovesinging742 says:

wow!!! it amazing thaks 

loopyleah1979 says:

thanks for the clip, its taking me hourssssssssss but its coming together and i reckon it’ll be worth it. cheers!! Leah (Dublin)

rodriguez44444444444 says:

I love it it came out amazing :) Make more tutorials 🙂

HeyHeyLuLu says:

@rhiannonofficial REALLY?? I could tell you a story, too about me doing that exact same thing. I remember everyone kept staring @ me……I regretted doing it….

klintvicedormusic says:

where did you print the diamonds?

ladygagafan21100 says:

AWESOME VID! what kind of paper did you make them out of?

rhiannonofficial says:

dude i made this dress and then went 2 skewl and u would not believe the looks i got lol XD

ladyisanawsomegaga says:

1 Bitch disliked this !!

Beneli30 says:

where did you get that template

GagaNumber1Monster says:

you are a complete genius!! how did you figure this out???? and how long does it take to make one?

GagaNumber1Monster says:

you are a complete genius!! how did you figure this out????

killmesarah says:

This is much better than most all the others I’ve seen! I used foam sheets to make mine, but the material you used looks nice too =)

May Tan says:

where can I get the template

Katee5835 says:

She donned a yellow wig (?) and hung out on the roof of the hotel with only a blazer and panties on. – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – –

Forfame1 says:

youre so talented ! 

SuperPinkwink says:

it good as far as im concerned 😉

SuperPinkwink says:

card stock >) 

yodacheeseisyummy says:


TasAE99 says:

At any store with printer paper.  Any office supply store or even Target or WalMart would have it.

yodacheeseisyummy says:

thanks do you know where i can get cardstock at

GagaNumber1Monster says:

oooooohhh! thanks didn’t notice! i’m stupid! hahaha:)

TasAE99 says:

– The link to the pattern is posted in the video description! Have fun!

GagaNumber1Monster says:

this is a great video! i have been looking so long to find a pattern for the gaga spikes/diamonds and i finally found one! yea! thank you!!!!!!!

GagaNumber1Monster says:

i’m gonna be gaga for halloween next year, and thanks to you, i know what dress i’m gonna use! thank you! wait, but where do you get the pattern for the sheet?

GagaNumber1Monster says:

i’m gonna be gaga for halloween next year, and thanks to you, i know what dress i’m gonna use! thank you!

mikeyabante0195 says:

where did you get the diamond pattern?

TasAE99 says:

– I used cardstock. It’s thicker than regular paper, but not as expensive or glossy as photo paper.

TheBornthisway says:

what kind of paper did you ues?

nathanbari says:

This was really really good! Not sure why this video doesn’t have more views!

TasAE99 says:

– Great to hear! I’m loving my costume with them, too! Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!

MsTekknoMonster says:

i made these for halloween and they look amazing….thank you!

TasAE99 says:

– Well, several hours is really pushing it! If you are going to paint them, they may not be dry! Use a very light coat of paint if anything.

AceBellamanx says:

OMG, i have several hours to do this so i can have it for school… D8

TasAE99 says:

3 days – no problem! I did all these in one day. the paint I used dried pretty fast, so that helped.

theskyslave says:

thank you so much for sharing this video.. ive got 3 days to do the diamonds ..but the rest is pretty you think i can do that in 3 days wahhh…thanks a lot!

TasAE99 says:

I think I ended up making around 24. 4 large ones and 20 smaller ones.
One thing that I wish I did now, after the fact, is glued them on the foamies sheet when it was curved like it will be when I fasten it to my shoulder or hip. Right now, they are stuck flat and won’t move, so they will stick out a little weird. I think they will work though, and I don’t want to re-make them! 🙂

OatmealRaisinAzn says:

This is awesome, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get those diamonds!! But now I finally know how to make them, it looks like they take up a lot of time lol but it’s probably worth it to have a kick ass costume like yours will be!! thank you!!

AceBellamanx says:

Thats really good, how many diamonds did you end up making?