How to make a Cardboard Shield for Halloween or just for fun

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A Tutorial showing how to make two different types of cardboard shields. A round buckler and a Kite Shield. Some tips and hints on how to work with cardboard and how to make your shield look great. About my Channel: I have hundreds of videos covering all kinds of creative projects. I put out two new videos every week and if you want to stay updated you can subcribe to my channel here: MORE weapons and armor projects In my playlist here:


ProudMexican3 says:

could you make a how to?? so i get a good idea how

epicfantasy says:

all depends on how fancy you want to get. Cut the segments and paper mache them individuallyy, then stitch them together to make the armor.

ProudMexican3 says:

m trying to make a roman segmentata legionaire uniform. how would u make th armour they wear?

epicfantasy says:

You are very welcome!


Thanks so much i made a sword and sheild thanks

RazorBlazorFurnance says:

did you use a3 size paper?

TehBuddaChris says:

Spartan costume! Ima try to make one for halloween but whenever i use the paper mache it becomes all dry andand thick it doesnt look as smooth

Hakuru15 says:

thanks man, I’m making a shield for an upcoming convention, this is some good stuff 😀

portalrunner117 says:

@joewo23 we do that too but with Zelda gear

cosminsavenco says:

Awesome ! Also,in my opinion,because your such an expert in card boards,you should try and make some Skyrim helmets,armours,weapons,soul gems,giant’s toe,and all those things existent in Skyrim,especially the Stormcloak and the Dragonborn helmet ! And i definitely agree with @joewo33 ! 😀

joewo33 says:

I make these for REAL fighting situations, and i’m only nine years old. We have wars, battles, tourtaments, all because we are ADDICTED to back to the 1500’s and swords. We want it to be back with swords. So I am the king of the first team.. >:D oyush. I am the king, because I am the best at every job there. I love making weapons and things, but, we need armour for the upcoming battle. Please make more cardboard thingies >:o

rjcada1998 says:

how come you have a lot of cardboards can I have some

kaiwalsh says:

Thanks you made it so easy for me to assist my 8 yr old with making his shield for Roman day at school…now he’s seen the sword, helmet, body armour…hellllpppppp…lol

epicfantasy says:

I ahve about ten catapult vids here on my channel. Big catapults, table top catapults , and trebuchets too! Just search in my vid list.

MrGoldenMonkeyBoy says:

u made a lot of stuff can u make a catupult

MrGoldenMonkeyBoy says:

u made a lot of stuff can u make a catupult


Thanx dude, u helped me finish my history assignment for medieval times!!!!

XCherryLiciouzX says:

Everytime I try and bend it, it just goes really crappy, I can’t do it like you 🙁

zeldafan1234100 says:

Booooooorrrrrrinnnnnnnggggggg 🙁

ThePunisher645 says:

Thanks for the video, man. I have a convention this weekend and I needed a quick way to make a shield. (I’m going as Link from the Legend of Zelda)

FlipTheDish says:

you should do a medieval set! 🙂

CWATRO314 says:


NeoGameSparkfan1 says:

i cant get that shape 🙁

epicfantasy says:

You are very welcome. You have fun making a shield!

crzyduck says:

I am definitely going to try making a shield next week during break! Thank you for posting this video. 🙂

gtaisawesome87 says:

you should make a roman shield, helmet, body armor, and spear

atomicsonic100 says:

hey, can you make one on the hylian shield? I’m going to fanime as link

2Lazy4aRealName says:

only need 297 more dislikes

slavesacrifice666 says:

I Am sooooo using this to make my hylian shield~

epicfantasy says:

You mean assassins creed stuff? I would like to make some, that is very popular and it looks so good! Thanks for the suggestion.

Superdupersoljaboi says:

dude do you think you could make some assassin stuff?

epicfantasy says:

Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look and see what I think.


can you try to make a full set of spanish knights armor? that would be great or maybe a crusader helmet ;D

EyeLean5280 says:

Thanks for your tutorials! They’re just what I’ve been looking for!

Surfing4like says:

I’m making a shield for something I have to do for History class and I was wondering, that christian shield (or european shield), how did you make the shape or mesurements to get?

Sugardaddy501 says:

Carboard core boffer shields are verry strong and safe.

fantasyplay1 says:

i made like 5 diff weps but my brother and sisters boke them 😀

thanks dude

Xythe43 says:

i will fiberglass my shields just like my clash of the titans sword so it can hold the games and use halo props i made

cheezrox124 says:

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE CURVED SWORD! i need to make two hylian shields and i didnt want to make then flat so this really helped me! And the poster board was a great idea! Good video!

yoitscameron1 says:

i made a zelda shield and at the time i didint know about this video what i did i got cardboard and got it wet (it was summer so i left it out in the sun so it dried and it dried curved like the kite sword 🙂 i dont know if it will work all the time but it might hope i helped sombody 🙂

meedabestwookie says:

if i did a paper mache on the cardboard would the paint come out nice because i dont have poster board

xevildragon5 says:

i think you would need more than 2 layers.. i just get papers from schoo. i made a 20 lb. viking sheild and took a 40 lb. bow and it couldnt penatrate. and i hit my brother with a sword (when he was wereing the sheild) and he couldnt feel it

88Tonio88 says:

What’s the measurement?

Shenator1239 says:

I mean for Larp type battles but not exactly larp fights???? Would it work???

Shenator1239 says:

Can carboard sheilds as you make them take a blow from a wooden sword????
If not do you think it could take a blow if it was double layerd sheild of cardboard????
Pls reply because I dont want to have injuries on me or feinds when fighting!

Sugardaddy501 says:

If you lared miltiple sheets and added campfoam and pvc insulatin it would make an awsome combat boffer shield.

theboss7865 says:

can u use normal paint

CardboardMaster says:

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