Halloween Costume Ideas – Witch Outfit

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Halloween Costume Ideas – Witch Outfit – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin, and I am the owner of RT Clown. This is the lovely Eva wearing a witch outfit. Actually, the outfit in of itself, is the wicked witch of the west from the show, Wicked. Again, I happen to have bought this costume but as you can see, you see the skirt, its a simple black skirt. Mom could make this at home. If you want to turn around and show the skirt. Very simple. And the top has the epilett but it still is quite easily available. You do not have to spend allot of money on these costumes, you can put them together. It really helps if you have long blonde hair like our lovely Eva has. As far as the hat, it was something I had in my closet. Again, you can go to a Halloween store, you can go to Goodwill, Salvation army, and get lots of these props. As far as your face, if you want to tip the hat back slightly, all I did was put some green paint. We did not make her whole face green like the witch, which they do in the musical theater and also originally. I just put a little suggestion on the side of her face. See she has like, lines there and also on her eyes. Just to suggest that she is the evil, wicked, bad witch from the Wizard of Oz or whatever you had like to call her.