Easy Homemade Costumes for Kids! Grapes!!!

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Christinia Lily says:

What happened to scary costumes like a little ghost or frankengirl?

roger7749 says:

0:29 Do I have to stress it?

ForeverTheMia says:

Twicko tweat xD

SuperGreenlover7 says:

very very easy and useful thank you so much 4 the idea and u r pretty women and u have beautiful home

Mumsina Shameer says:

thanks for beautiful idea…

Chony2000 says:

what if it pops lol

bubbachu1 says:

Cutest thing EVER!!!

36jakelover says:

Really cute!

OrangeTurtle25 says:

Won’t the balloons pop after a while?

mechasaultfreak2 says:

cute kid