Halloween Costume: Country Bumpkin with MakeoverSession.com ‘s Dianne Hanks

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Queen of Makeovers Dianne Hanks shares the COUNTRY BUMPKIN transformation from little girl to full-fledged country bumpkin. Have two braids, lower behind ears. A bandana is a great accessory. Another accessory is a little weed to chew on. Bad teeth are fun, too. Black out a tooth or two.


Tasha Bonner says:

this is so cute!

MakeoverSessions says:


lyric142 says:

Thanks! I’m doing this for halloween, easy, cheap, and just fine to run in (my friends and I are a wild bunch on Halloween). Plus I look darn cute in overalls and pigtails.

MakeoverSessions says:

I get that, but what fun would it be if things weren’t exaggerated for Halloween?! Hahahhaha, nice to hear from you.

marieluvschris says:

good vidio but can i just point out not all country bumpkins have bad teeth n talk like that im from the country n dont talk like that or have bad teeth

TooFreakingRelaxed says:

I love this :-))) Very cute 🙂

geeman500 says:

damn you look hot dressed like that

leonardo1480 says:

OMG scary hairy do lol

RickyCountryAtHeart says:

good job on this great video

67mustangreg says:

you look good for your age!

rednecknber says:

shit you scared the hell out of me

MakeoverSessions says:

Red neck = country bumpkin? :D

MakeoverSessions says:

One set I got at a costume store. The others I had specially made for me from a dentist. They are perfectly fitted for my teeth, they feel just like my own teeth. It’s totally amazing what dentistry can do with teeth these days. I had them make some icky instead of beautiful ones to show the difference teeth make. I’m BIG on making your smile as dazzling as you can. It makes a BIG difference.

Peachis911 says:

that’s more like a red neck lol

Peachis911 says:

where do u get all those fake teeth?

MakeoverSessions says:

Gads, I forgot about this one, haha. You’re too kind.

MakeoverSessions says:

I love that you get me! XO  You are great too!

HeartofAmerica says:

This is so funny! You are just great Dianne…lmao

MakeoverSessions says:

Pa, is that yew?

Jagdtoq says:

I think we’re related

lovesully123 says:

Oh my god! How funny!

lcd1023 says:

Okay, maybe I will try this one tomorrow. LOL!

MademoiselleMinerva says:

Haha! You are so funny!!