Two-Face Make-up

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My Halloween 2010 costume is Two-Face from The Dark Knight. This video will show you how I applied the makeup by myself. It took almost 3 hours to apply. To get the burnt look for the suit I use a sanding wheel for a oratory tool and sanded the part I wanted to look deep because trying to burn actual fabric did not give me the look I wanted. I cut the eye out of a ping pong ball and painted it. This was only the third time I put a bald cap on myself and it was not easy. The first time was just a test to see if I could do it. Second time was for a costume contest but the makeup did not turn out as well as this time. Stuff I used for the makeup: Bald cap, liquid latex, Rubber mask grease paint, 99% rubbing alcohol to help spread the RMGP, Makeup brushes, Wig, latex mouth appliance, cotton swabs, makeup sponge, toilet paper, Pros Aid (a latex based adhesive), foundation powder to set the latex and to set the make up between colors, ping pong ball, duct tape, and a little bit of skill. The first piece of music in the background is “A Dark Knight” from The Dark Knight Soundtrack. The Second is the theme form the 1989 Batman movie.


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irondiego256 says:

2:53 sufrimiento al maximo XD

lee adams says:

burn in hell


great work man, really awesome !

limbo74 says:

yes, and then going around showing your masterpiece with pride!

rorschach221 says:

This is amazing, great job man.

giovannildo says:

you look like cobblepot

KStealed says:

i think id better burn half of my body for that look … faster and much more realistic

chrisdickeson91 says:

you should be payed for this, this is a great job!

juan chavez says:

This is 3 hours well spent. it looks amazing!

RyaVids says:

Ah, the joys of pros ade, lol. I don’t envy you!  Really awesome job on the makeup, especially for doing it on yourself. I want to do something really elaborate like this for Halloween too!

Imozart0341I says:

damn that looks fun as hell to pull off! Just like ripping off scabs.

FFRxPr0ducti0nz says:

Looks like two-face
Removes mask
Now he’s the joker :DD

crafty2214 says:

i think you did a great job making your self into two faces…

hookinghigh says:

great work pal well done.

legendariodragon0 says:


ryliehoover24 says:


HalloweenkingTV says:

No I have never had a chance to go to comic con but I would like to.

LongLiveOzzyOsbourne says:

have u ever went to comic con like this?

FifthDiminished says:

Also I loved how you included the footage of how it’s applied, please keep making these!

FifthDiminished says:

Holy jesus christ dude to be doing this as a hobby you’re incredibly talented!

DomTheConqueror says:

EXCELLENT job! this looks practically real! only problem was your suit, just a little baggy. Still one of the vest costumes ive ever seen. You should be Bane this year!

DomTheConqueror says:

same here. i would buy that glue he kept using, cut my freddy kruger mask in half and do the fake eye thing. seems much simpler than all that.

thestephodile says:

u have some patience….im also lookin to become a make up artist…..special effects, theatre, it all good luck x

rockisthebeast9 says:

28 weeks later song in the backround

rockisthebeast9 says:


MrBojangles002 says:

That was pretty awesome but the toy gun was kinda meh but the rest was awesome it looked better than tommy lee jones’ two face

bassicozz says:

fatter weird al

fizz11 says:

Very impressive. 

MrJ0K3RF4C3 says:

Two-face (at the top of my head from thinking of all the characters in batman) would be the hardest character to do – looks really good especially when you zoomed in and showed the depth of the tissue. I was surprised how detailed it looked 🙂

verynuggable says:

And sorry that’s incredible, forgot to say that, so amazing what you did.

verynuggable says:

I don’t know if I’ve read too many comics, watch too many cartoons or enjoyed too many films but I watched that whole video as though you were a super criminal whose power was amazing disguise skills and that whole thing was in real time.

IIIChokapikIII says:

I’m not blond, but I would keep my original hair cut instead of covering it. For me, there’s nothing wrong on Two Face having black hair.

crispybox says:

The back of yo head is ridiculous! Haha jk nice job dude!

Zortov says:

How’d the costume contest go?

Augusto Rubião says:

You do a Two-Faces makeup, but actualy you look like Penguim!!! XD


Nasteczek666 says:

i start sleep at 8:00

PinkZebraT says:

Haha The guy who have the guts to give you “tips” like do better, well i want to see him take 3 or more Hours out of his day and do this and see how hard it is to do this.

robbydelarose says:

this was fantastic, ignore all bad comment, for someone who doesn’t do make up pro, u did a great job, big ups…i no u see it as an hobby but i think u shuld see it as ur calling…well done

Neonytic says:

Awesome! Absolutely awesome. It sucks you didn’t have anyone to help out, but then again you must have known if anyone else did it they’d do it wrong.

thelastlife0726 says:

Improvements you could have mad
-Get a better gun
-Shorter hair
-Wear two different watches (one black, one gold)

ShadowManV3 says:

It would look better if you used your real eye and not that stupid fake eye. 

NauticalNiblet says:

Looks painful to watch you tear it off 🙁

MrRareGameUnboxer says:

How did it go?

MILBernie says:

you could dye your hair green and it would look like joker

SydneySocks says:

This is truly amazing. You have such a great talent, I hope you can make a career out of it someday.

NinjaFaceGames says:

what a steal

ashermain636 says:

very very good costume for Halloween:D

Rawc90 says:

pfft… that gun is clearly fake…

HalloweenkingTV says:

I just have an office job. I do this as a hobby I would like to make it a career but haven’t yet.